Sunday, 3 March 2019

Sunday Thoughts #9

I've spent the whole afternoon cleaning the house and I feel so good for it. I'm definitely a tidy house, tidy mind person and I've needed that more than ever recently. Having a couple of rooms clean and tidy is always nice but the whole house is just bliss 🙌 Hardly every happens these days though as it's bigger than the old house so takes much more time, but today was a write off with the weather so I played games with the kids this morning and then they've just been chilling watching films whilst I cleaned! Plus Aled was working anyway, but he's off for three weekends now so let the fun family days begin.

It's been a quiet week here considering it was half term. Unfortunately I didn't have any holidays left to take in work so the kids have had a mixture of nursery, Aled, Aled's Dad and Mum all week, not that they've minded! Ollie's been doing plenty with Nursery (they always have so many activities planned in half term, it's amazing) and then they went to the Adventure Trail in Abergele with Mum on Friday which they loved. We're back to normal tomorrow though with Cylch and School, can't believe it'll be the Easter break next!

It was Elsie's first time going to the dentist this week and she absolutely aced it bless her. She was adamant to go first (out of me, her and Ollie having check ups) and practically jumped into the chair and listened to every word the dentist said. Ollie was a bit unsure so had to sit on my knee bless him. As for me, I've got to have another filling (that'll be my third now). I don't have a lot of sugary/acidy foods so he thinks it's because of how much I grind my teeth (cheers stress 👍). So that'll be fun going back into work after it with a numb face. Reminder to self: don't try and drink a cup of tea for at least an hour.

Enough from me now (got a bit of writer's block tonight anyway, just don't know what else to say!), I'm off to put a face mask on and get an early night. Have a great week 💗


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