Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Sunday Thoughts #10

To be honest I didn't think I'd get a chance to do my weekly blog post this week, so better late than never! I knew it wouldn't be on Sunday because we were away in Liverpool but it's a busy week too with the kids needing taking here, there and everywhere and Aled's shifts so I'm squeezing this in while I wait for him to get back from the gym so I can nip to Tesco's to do our food shop! Talk about being back down to earth with a bump after our weekend away, I've been straight back into potty training, making lunch boxes and fixing Ollie's lego masterpieces. Plus today I washed Elsie's Wonder Woman costume after superhero day at nursery.... and the glitter off it has spread to all the other clothes in the washing machine #niceoneemma. But it's kinda nice to be back to the normalities, we needed the mini break and I'm feeling all refreshed now.

So Liverpool, it was so good! Everyone needs that couple time away from the kids and if you have someone who's willing to babysit while you're away (huge thanks to my Mum and Dad), then take advantage of it! The hotel we stayed in was stunning (it was the Titanic hotel on the docks) and we'd definitely stay there again but hopefully use the spa next time too. We didn't do that much shopping, I just bought skincare goodies from the Body Shop, Lush and Boots which is what I need most at the moment as my skin is frickin' terrible. We had lunch at Wreckfish Bistro which Aled's Dad got us a voucher at Christmas for. It was probably the best roast dinner I've ever had! We did a spot more shopping after lunch and then headed back to the hotel as the weather was shite. Our room came with a free bottle of wine so that, along with the two large glasses at lunch, brought out pissed Emma (she's not been let loose in a long time!). So we went back out for more drinks before heading to Pizza Hut later that night haha. We even had time to stop at Broughton on the way back where I actually managed to find a couple of new clothing bits.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE Apple products. I've had an iPhone for years, would only ever have an Apple computer/laptop and slate anyone who has a Samsung phone..... and yet here I am looking at getting one. Yep, Aled's going to make me pay if I actually do make the switch as I've taken the piss out of him for months since he switched over. But my phone is starting to die and I can't argue with the price of a Samsung versus the new iPhones, and can we talk about the camera?! It's so much better. Arrrggh I'm so nervous about changing over, first world problems I know! Have you ever switched over? I'd love to know if you regret it or not. But anyway, I still need to sort out the 34,000 photos on my phone before I do anything!

Oh and what else is new this week? We've started watching Game of Thrones! Verrrryyyy late to the party I know, but we started it last week and weren't sure at first but we're completely hooked now. We watched Season 2 Eposide 1 last night but I don't think we'll get a chance to watch it at all until Saturday now. Are you a GOT fan? Please, no spoilers!

Right, I better get to Tesco, if the kids wake up in the morning and see that there's still no cheerios, yoghurts or fruits I fear they may start a riot....


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