Sunday, 24 February 2019

Sunday Thoughts #8

Well wasn't today just beautiful?! Everything feels so much better when the sun is shining! I used to love Winter before I had kids, now it's just a huge inconvenience to having days out as it tends to rain (a lot) here. So I'm definitely a Spring and Summer lover now. We can pack lighter, not come home soaking wet and have picnics more often. We went for a walk up Marl Woods with my Mum today and it was so beautiful at the top. I could have sat there all day, it was around 17 degrees! Crazy! I hope this today is a glimpse of whats to come this year, roll on the BBQs.

I can't believe that it's March on Friday! January felt like it was 124876 days long and yet February has flashed by before my eyes. I am so excited for March though, me and Aled have got a night away in Liverpool in a lovely hotel booked. We haven't had night away in a hotel in over a year so it'll be nice to have some quality time together. I know I'll miss the kids but it'll be nice to pick them up from school together the next day. We don't have much else planned for March yet, but a trip to Chester Zoo might be on the cards as Ollie's been asking to go back there recently. I'll just be glad to have some weekends all together as we're on weekend 2 of 3 solo parenting at the moment.

I am SO proud of Elsie and how she's got on with potty training this week. You might have read that she threw us in at the deep end on Monday morning by refusing to put a nappy on when I was getting her changed in the morning. So I filled her bag with as many pairs of knickers and tights that she owned (luckily I had a few pairs of knickers in her drawer ready!) and sent her off. I knew there would be accidents (we had six little bags of washing to do from Cylch/Nursery that day!) but each day after that she's just got better and better and today we haven't had a single accident 🙌 Out of all the baby/toddler things to do, potty training is the one that makes me most nervous. But she's been so good bless her! And we're glad she's decided to do it now, as it's out of the way before our visit to the Lake District in April and Center Parcs in May.

The downstairs loo is almost finished, just a bit of paintwork to touch up and siliconing to do. I'm in love with how it's turned out and it's finished just in time for all of Elsie's little trips to the toilet! The bathroom will *hopefully* be finished this week too. I've put up the new spare bed this week though (it's the Hemnes day bed from IKEA) and before Aled went to bed yesterday, we took out the last section of decking in the garden. It was a nightmare to remove, my hands have got blisters and cuts but I'm so glad that it's gone. Now we can mark out where the new paving sections are going and get the ground prepped ready for the landscaper in April!

Right, I'm off to bed. Not feeling too great and Ollie's coughing in his room so I've got a feeling he'll sneak in to my bed at some point tonight (he seems to have a sixth sense as to when Aled's on nights). Night guys 💗


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