Monday, 18 February 2019

Sunday Thoughts #7

Sunday thoughts.... on a Monday as I was too engrossed in painting the downstairs loo last night that I totally forgot about my blog post until 11pm when I got into bed! So yep, I spent all of last night painting the cloakroom and OMG I love it!! Just need the loo, sink and radiator fitting and that room will be all done. The bathrooms still a while off but my amazing Dad's getting there (and there's no major rush as the kids are just using our shower anyway). Definitely going to order some Lush bath bombs this week though, in preparation for that first soak in the new bath 😍

Did you do anything for Valentine's Day? We had a quiet one at home with a homemade Chinese and some drinks. Nothing special but the best company. We didn't do any presents but the kids had made some lovely cards and crafts in Nursery which was lovely.

Considering Aled was on nights, I had a really nice weekend with the kids. I've started dreading taking them out on my own recently because Ollie's been a bit of a handful over the last few weeks. He has an answer for everything, is constantly being cheeky or rude and then has these super pathetic baby-like cries when something doesn't go his way. It's done my head in recently but he was actually lovely over the weekend and I'm looking forward to getting out again with them this weekend.

We had Doti the dog from Cylch with us over the weekend too. It makes me laugh though... two whole years Ollie went to Cylch and he wasn't trusted to bring Doti home once 😂 but Elsie's brought it home already. It's been here, there and everywhere with us and had pictures taken along the way for the little diary. She was besotted bless her, there were tears when she realised Doti had to stay in Cylch today.

I'm an emotional wreck tonight though. My babies are just not babies anymore and it's hit me for six tonight. It all started with Elsie going to her first school friend's birthday party on Saturday (she feels far too young for parties already!), then today she's decided to not wear nappies anymore (she's had about 5 accidents but a couple of wees in the toilet/potty towards the end of the day so I'm sure she'll crack it by the end of the week) and then Ollie has read his homework book tonight so bloody well I burst into happy tears. I'm just so proud of him! I think because he's always so reluctant to read/write/draw, when he genuinely makes an effort and does well, it means even more 💙 he keeps coming out with funny things at the moment too, which equally make me want the ground to swallow me up sometimes! He said to the optician last week "you haven't got much hair", when someone was getting out of their car at school this morning with 4 kids, he stopped and said "why have you had so many babies?" 😳 and when he saw a woman on a mobility scooter after school he asked her why she doesn't just drive a car like everyone else! It's so funny seeing him asking these types of questions but it can be so embarrassing too if it's something you'd just never ask! So yeah, I'm realising that they're growing up and not coping that well with it right now haha!

Right, our takeaway is here now (diet's going well) so I'm off to have that before tackling the ironing and ordering some more tights and knickers for Elsie!


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