Sunday, 10 February 2019

Sunday Thoughts #6

Apart from both myself and Aled having stinking colds, we've had a pretty good weekend! The biggest news is that the downstairs loo and the kids' bathroom has been ripped out and Dad's been busy working away starting on the new ones. I honestly can not wait to see them both finished. They're the last rooms to get done in the house for a while now. After they're finished, there's just the hallway/stairs carpet to replace and then we'll have to save for a while to get the garage converted into a room and then a new kitchen and utility at some point too. But we are getting the garden done this year which will be amazing. The only part of the old house I miss is the garden because it was perfect for the kids to go out and play in, there were pretty flower beds and we had something to actually sit on! But the garden here still has one section of decking to pull up and then levelling, slabs, new turf, plants, furniture....  the list goes on. But it'll be worth it by the summer 🌣🌻

Me and Ollie went for an eye test yesterday, no change in my prescription (didn't get a chance to pick out new frames though, I'll have to go back next weekend) and Ollie's eyes are fine too but it was definitely worth getting them checked to be sure. He was gutted he couldn't actually have glasses bless him, so luckily they were selling ones for Red Nose Day! I got a pair for both of them and they haven't stopped wearing them since 😂

We all went swimming this morning which I really couldn't be bothered with at first but we had the best time. We should definitely go more often, Elsie hadn't been swimming since Center Parcs last May! They both loved it though and we could see such a difference in Ollie now that he's going to swimming lessons. I can't wait for Center Parcs this year, they're both going to have so much fun on all the slides. I signed up for a gym membership while we were there so we can go altogether more often and I can go to a load of different gym classes in the evenings too. Fingers crossed that'll help shift some of this unwanted weight!

Speaking of weight, I lost 4 pounds last week which I was over the moon with. Not sure what the scales will say in the morning as we've both loosened the reigns while we've felt unwell. Trying not to beat myself up about it as I was doing really well before but when you're feeling like crap and got no energy, it's really hard to not turn to some goodies for a little boost. Anyway, there's no immediate rush, it'd just be nice to feel a bit more body confident by the summer.

So, this week we haven't got much on apart from the usual school/work/nursery. But it is Valentine's Day on Thursday 🌹 Aled's not that fussed about it and neither of us go mad on gifts or anything, I'm normally happy with a bunch of flowers and a card. But it is nice to make a bit more effort to sit down and have a nice meal together once the kids are in bed. No idea what we'll be having yet, maybe a homemade curry and a couple of drinks.

Right, I'm going to do a bit of online window shopping because sitting at my new little desk is my favourite thing! Not that Aled's complaining, he gets extra FIFA time downstairs haha. Although my iMac is starting to play up a bit but I'm hoping it'll stay with me for a while longer as a new one is so bloody expensive. Have a good week 💗


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