Sunday, 3 February 2019

Sunday Thoughts #5

I'm not ready for the weekend to be over at all. Not only has it flown by (doesn't help when I work Saturday morning either) but I love nothing more than spending time with Aled and the kids or doing interior jobs in the house, and this weekend has had plenty of both which makes me all kinds of happy. Sunday night blues are not the one guys. Anyway, fingers crossed it's a quick week as work starts on the bathroom and cloakroom on Friday! My amazing Dad is coming round on Friday to rip it all out and then make a start on tiling and all that over the weekend.

Nothing much exciting has happened this week (that I can think of). I feel like I've driven to school/nursery/my mums house/cylch far too many times but Aled's been back in work so we're back to our slightly chaotic childcare rota. It'll be easier once Elsie's in school/cylch till 3 in September though.

We haven't had any snow where we are, I mean there's plenty of it up on the higher ground and mountains but nothing's stuck down where we are. It rarely does stick anyway as we're near the coast and to be honest I couldn't be arsed with any this week 😂 bah humbug I know but it's just not as fun when you're an adult and need to defrost cars and buy bags of rock salt for the driveway 🙄 And although I'd love a day at home with the kids, I dread getting a text to say the school are shut due to the weather and I have to take a day unpaid. 

We did go up to Cwm Idwal to see the snow this weekend. I don't know if it was plain stupid or just extremely brave to go up there with the kids in this weather but we did it! They were wrapped up super warm (as were we) and they did enjoy it but we had to carry Elsie in parts as the ice was just deadly and all ideas of stopping for some food at the lake were squashed as the wind was knocking us off our feet, never mind the kids. So we took some pictures, took in the view (it was beautiful up there in the snow) and then headed back down. The whole walk went really well right up until Ollie stood in an ice cold puddle and continued to cry about it the whole way back down. Will most definitely be buying them waterproof walking shoes next time. What always makes me laugh to myself when we go walking though is how unprepared some people dress to go walking in Snowdonia. Last time we went, there was a woman in high heels. HIGH HEELS. WTF.

I had a lovely catch up with the girls on Thursday night, eating fajitas with all the sides and talking all things girly. We were just missing Nat 💗 we're hoping to go out out soon as we're all in need of a night out with drinks and dancing. Slightly concerned of how old I'll feel going properly out now though... will I be that 30 year old in the club that the 18 year olds think is a weirdo? 😂

Right I'm off to bed, have a good week!


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