Sunday, 27 January 2019

Sunday Thoughts #4

It's amazing how some 'me' time can make you feel so much better. I absolutely love being a Mum, it's everything (and more) I've ever dreamt of but I have no shame in saying it's nice to have 24 hours off once in while. Oliver and Elsie stayed at my Mum and Dad's on Saturday night and although I missed them like mad it was so nice to have some couple time with Aled. We dropped them off at about 10ish in the morning and headed straight to Sychnant Pass for a walk. I've never been far up there as the kids can't really go that far and it's not somewhere we normally go either. So we walked for just over an hour and then had a little lunch stop before heading back down. The view was unreal 😍 Luckily we got back to the car just before it started chucking it down!

We popped home to get changed and then went into town for a bit of shopping in the afternoon. Not clothes (need to lose some weight before any new clothes 🐷), just some things for the house. We got so many nice little things though, I absolutely love making all the finishing touches to rooms! All mainly from Primark, B&M, Home Bargains and Wilkos too, so didn't cost a fortune at all. Still haven't managed to find some new bedding that I like though. I don't want to get our new super king bed until I've got some bedding that I like. Yep, I'm a bit odd like that haha.

In the evening, we went out for a meal at Hickorys, one of our favourite restaurants locally. We got vouchers for Christmas so thought we'd go all out with food and drinks but only managed a main and a few drinks, but I couldn't even stretch to a pudding (not like me). On the plus side, we've got vouchers left so we can go with the kids another day too.

Aled had a lovely birthday on Tuesday. He got home made brownies, dominos pizza, beer, two books, coffee pods and chocolate... all his favourite things! It's always so hard to think of presents for him seeing as though Christmas was only a few weeks ago so I just popped to Asda and got some things I know he loves. He went out for lunch with his Mum and Elsie too which was lovely, just wish I was off to celebrate the day with him.

Elsie is finally back to normal too, she was still under the weather until Thursday. No sickness since last Friday but just so tired, bunged up and off her food. So when she was better we let her have her favourite (spaghetti bolognese) for tea. Luckily, it hasn't seemed to have spread to any of us so *fingers crossed* it stays like that.

To have some things to look forward to this year, I've booked a few little trips away. Me and Al are going to the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool in March for a romantic getaway (the hotel looks amazing 😍), then we're all going to a Premier Inn in Kendal in April for a couple of nights and then our usual Center Parcs trip in May. We're also looking at booking a Premier Inn for sometime in the summer holidays and going to Peppa Pig world one day and Legoland Windsor the next, this is all dependant on how well the Kendal trip goes. We've never all stayed in one room before, never mind the kids sharing a double sofa bed! Any hotel room tips with young kids welcome!

So it's Monday again tomorrow and me and Aled are 100% starting a diet. Seriously, I hope we bloody stick to it this time. I'm not going to give myself a hard time for giving up earlier this month as my heads been a bit all over the place but enough is enough now, we both really need to lose some weight. I'm going to weigh myself and take some pictures in the morning, not that I'll want to share them anytime soon but I'm hoping I'll feel confident enough to share them once I get to where I want to be.

Right, I'm off to watch SAS and have a gin (before said diet starts). Have a great week 💗


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