Sunday, 20 January 2019

Sunday Thoughts #3

What a week. You've probably seen our main news from this week (if you haven't, you can read about it here) so I won't go into all of it again. But that has consumed our whole week really so we haven't got much else to report. I've been completely blown away by everyone's comments and messages on Instagram (you guys are the best 😘) and I'm doing better each day, just focusing on all the good things. Plus Elsie has needed my full attention since Friday as she's been so poorly bless her. We though it was a sickness bug as she was sick 4 times on Friday but we're thinking it's flu now and it was the high temperature that was making her sick. She's a little bit better now, no sickness since Friday night but her eyes and nose won't stop running and she's so tired. Hopefully she'll be feeling better in the morning otherwise it'll be another day off Cylch!

Aled took Ollie for a walk up in the woods yesterday morning while I stayed in with Elsie. We can see the woods from our back garden so they rang when they got to the top and we gave them a wave. I love that we do one on one time sometimes though, Ollie's always calmer when he's not around his sister, I think it's because he's not competing for the attention. Anyone else feel the same with their little ones?

We managed to all get out of the house this morning though which was nice as I've spent most of the week inside which was needed but cabin fever had set in. We drove over to Betws y Coed so I could get a new waterproof coat as I've somehow managed to lose mine. So I ended up with a new coat, down jacket, walking trousers and fleece! They were all from Regatta and instead of costing £260 they were all in the sale and came to £75. Love a bargain 🙌 We were going to go for a walk after the shops but it was still raining a bit and Elsie was knackered so we just headed to a cafe for some lunch and then came home.

We've put a load of plans in action with my Dad for the house this weekend too. He came round yesterday and I went through my long list of jobs (which is getting smaller, slowly 😂) of things to do. The next big job is the family bathroom. I hate it, I can't get it properly clean and believe me, I've tried everything. Which means I've not had a bath since we've moved, don't worry I have showered! So I can't wait for that to be done at the beginning of February. I think we're going to do the downstairs cloakroom at the same time while there's a skip here. I'll share my plans on IG stories before the work starts at some point!

The spare bedroom is coming along nicely too. I've been reluctant to furnish it for months in case it did become a nursery but we're going ahead with turning it into an office/spare bedroom. My Apple iMac has been stored under my bed for nearly 3 years now and I'm desperate to have a proper space to have it out and hopefully get designing again. We had the room carpeted on Friday so it just needs the furniture now and it'll be done.

We've also had a landscaper come round this weekend to get a quote for some paving to be done in the garden annnnd I've been looking at kitchens on DIY Kitchens (if you have any feedback about them please let me know, I'm a bit sceptical about ordering it all myself 😬). I know that's lots to be getting on with but anyone who knows me will know how bloody impatient I am. Plus I'm enjoying turning the house into our family home so much.

It's Aled's birthday this week (Tuesday) so the kids are staying at my Mum and Dad's at the weekend to give us some time together. We're planning on going walking somewhere (maybe Tal y Fan) and then a meal and drinks at Hickory's to celebrate. I hope you have a great week 💗


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