Sunday, 13 January 2019

Sunday Thoughts #2

I very almost forgot about this weeks 'Sunday Thoughts' post... wouldn't be a good start would it! Only because I was ready to go and watch a film in bed and get a super early night. This week has beaten me, I am one tired mama. The kids weren't back in school until Wednesday so they were in Nursery on Monday and with Aled on Tuesday. So along came Wednesday (at bloody last, the Christmas break felt longer than the Summer holidays!) and off went Elsie to Cylch (9-11 every day now 🙌) and Ollie to school... only to be sent home at 1pm as the water had stopped working in school *eye roll*. I'd have more sympathy but this isn't the first time it's happened and the school is brand new, you'd like to think you could rely on the water working in a brand new building. 

Anyway, luckily Aled was off that day so I ran Ollie home to him, then the 3 of them picked me up later to take Elsie to her 27 month Health Visitor appointment. We have no worries with Elsie's development or anything anyway, but it was nice to take her along and see the Health Visitor for a bit.  A bit of a difference to when Ollie was her age as we had speech concerns which continued until he was 3 and the Health Visitor helped us out so much, she was so reassuring and said he'd get there in the end. Which he definitely did, as I get asked about 36238076 questions a day from him now. My favourite so far whilst paying in Next last week... "Mummy, why is the Moon made of rock?" 😶

So Wednesday felt a bit all over the place... roll on Thursday where we were given a chicken pox scare. Neither of the kids have had it yet, and neither has Aled. I'm 90% sure I've had it, but my Mum isn't so who knows 😂 Nursery called me at 1ish to come and get Elsie and when I got there, the spots on her knee and waist did look like they could be chicken pox but they were quite small (I'm imagining chicken pox to be much bigger), so I took her home and then went to get Ollie from school at 3 and checked him over. He had one similar spot on his back but nothing else. I managed to get a Doctors appointment for that afternoon to get it confirmed (needed to for Nursery) and she wasn't sure. She said if it had progressed by the morning then it definitely was but they'd all gone by the morning so it was all for nothing! I wouldn't be surprised if it was imminent though as it's doing the rounds in school.

No dramas on Friday thankfully! I've had a pretty quiet weekend too, Aled's been on nights and I was working yesterday morning so all we've done is another trip to the tip (I'll be on first name terms there soon), the dreaded Tesco shop where Elsie decided to run off in the car park (cue me abandoning the shopping trolley and screaming her name at the top of my voice... parenthood isn't for the faint hearted) and trying to blitz the house. We did manage to walk to Conwy this afternoon for some fresh air, a browse in the toy shop and an ice cream though. Me and Ollie got absolutely soaked coming back mind you... whilst Elsie snoozed away in the comfort of the dry and cosy pram. We used to go all the time but I've not braved it for a while on my own as Elsie normally whinges like mad in the pram but the promise of an ice cream seemed to work a treat. Otherwise I'd have gone mad at home, it's so hard to try and keep the noise down when Aled's on nights!

I haven't done their Christmas thank you cards yet either so we cracked the paints out on Saturday afternoon and got them done, then the kids just painted whatever they wanted while I made their tea. We really don't get the paints out often enough, it kept them quiet for SO long! And Ollie painted the most beautiful drawing of himself, a rainbow and multi coloured rain. It's so colourful and happy, definitely one for the wall! He does make me laugh though.... Elsie obviously just painted circles everywhere (she's not going to do much more at 2) and he turned to me and said "Elsie's is a bit rubbish isn't it Mummy" BRUTAL 😂 

I'm looking forward to the week ahead as the spare bedroom is getting a new carpet, I've got a catch up with the girls and me and Aled are both off at the weekend so we can have two days out with the kids (unless he ends up going camping). Ollie's requested that we go to see the Gruffalo in Delamere Forest and I think we really need to take Elsie swimming. Ollie's ok as he goes every week to his lesson but she's not been since last May 😳

Have a lovely week whatever you have planned!


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