Tuesday, 8 January 2019

New House // Oliver's Bedroom

We finished Oliver's bedroom 4 months ago now and I'm still as in love with it as I was then. It was the first room we did in our new house, soon followed by Elsie's, so that the kids would feel a bit more settled. I hadn't long done a mini makeover of his room in the old house so already knew what sort of colours and theme I wanted to use but definitely needed to rethink his storage as his new room is slightly smaller and more square. So I'll guide you through everything we bought and add as many links as I can along the way.

His room had beige coloured walls, a beige/brown thin carpet and long patterned curtains on a black metal pole when we moved in. It didn't need anything major doing, just a lick of paint and a new carpet really. Here's some progress pictures from when we did it....

I saw a two tone wall when browsing Pinterest a while ago and always kept it in my mind for when we eventually moved and re-did the kids rooms. I think it's a nice way to add some colour to the room without doing just one feature wall or the whole lot in colour either. So we gave the ceiling and half way down the walls a fresh lick of white paint and then used frog tape to mask all the way around and then painted the bottom half using Dulux Chic Shadow in matt (I always use matt paint).

His carpet is called the Nevada in Silver from Castle Carpets in Abergele, useless information unless you're local I know, but if you are after a carpet fitter, we couldn't recommend them enough. They've done all our new carpets and they're so friendly, tidy and efficient.

If you know me at all, you'll know I love to have plenty of frames dotted about the house. And usually in square format too. I've put 5 of the IKEA ribba frames in a row above his bed, 3 with photos and 2 with a really cool superhero wrapping paper sheet from Waterstones. I love using wrapping paper/greeting cards/post cards in photo frames. It's a really budget friendly way to add prints to a room and you'd never be able to tell that you hadn't ordered them especially from Etsy or somewhere.

His curtains have come with us from the old house, but I got the matching lamp shade for his new room. Both are from John Lewis and although the curtains were quite expensive, they're great quality and are blackout too which is perfect.

We've had to rethink Ollie's storage more than anything with his new room. As he's got older, toys have become less bulky so we didn't need the big IKEA Kallax unit anymore (that's been passed on to Elsie). Instead, he's got a fantastic book shelf, paper bag and a new toy storage unit that you'll see a bit further down the page. It's all focused on being more vertical and out of the way so that we can maximise his playing space without compromising on storage space.

The book shelf is from Great Little Trading Company and comes in a couple of width and colour options. It holds plenty of books and it's really nice to have his books on display but within reach for him too. He loves picking one out for bedtime! Above his book shelf (and above his bed too), I've put a word banner up using the Little Lovely Company letter banner kits from This Modern Life. I doubt these will get changed often but you get plenty of letters with the kit so you can mix it up whenever you feel like it.

By the side of the book shelf, I've put a Hello Henry paper sack which has got all his soft toys and action figures in. It's a lovely little addition to the room as it adds to the subtle super hero theme and it holds lots of toys too.

His superhero dog bedding is from Debenhams, I think there's matching sheets and curtains too but I didn't get them. The yellow throw and pillowcase are from Primark (can't do links for them but I'm sure they still have them). He's also got a scrabble cushion with 'O' on it but that's years old now. The super hero print is from a little shop on Etsy and the lightning bolt light is a Little Lovely Company one from This Modern Life. I love his light, it gives off the perfect amount of light for bedtime stories and he'll happily put it on and off if he gets up for a wee in the night.

The bed frame and chest of drawers were both from Mamas and Papas but years ago sorry, they don't sell them anymore.

On the other side of his room, there's a little alcove so that's where we've put his wardrobe and toy storage unit. The wardrobe is a PAX one from IKEA and I can't rate them enough. You can design it yourself online using all the different internal organisers and then get it all delivered. Plus they're so much cheaper than wardrobes from Next or John Lewis. I took these pictures a few months ago though, and we've since added some black metal knobs to the wardrobe doors.

The toy storage unit is from the Great Little Trading Company 'Northcote' range. The sections all lock into each other so you can customise what type of storage you'd like. Ollie's unit is made up of 4 sections: the drawer at the bottom (which we use for his dress ups), the first shelving section (which has space for two baskets and then a long shelf for all his playmobil vehicles), a second shelving section (with space for two more baskets but split up) and then the shelf at the top. The baskets are all from Great Little Trading Company too.

As I mentioned, I took these pictures a few months ago. The main two differences now is that he has a new oak Belize door and some shelves for his lego minifigures. I'll be doing a seperate blog post on how I made them soon but they've been the perfect use of wasted space behind his door and help house some of his ever expanding lego collection!

Hopefully all the links have helped answer any questions but if I've left anything out, please let me know!


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