Sunday, 22 July 2018

Summer Bucket List

It's the summer holidays *woop woop*. I mean, I wish I was off for 6 weeks too, but I'm excited for some more family time nonetheless. I've got 7 days off dotted about, along with the weekends and Aled's got 3 weeks off (plus sides of working for the NHS) so I'm hoping we can fit in quite a few adventure days together. I don't know if anyone else is the same, but sometimes we end up spending most of the morning deciding what to do or where to go on a day off. So, we've written all our ideas down and put them together as a Summer Bucket List so we don't forget! So what have we got planned...

I'm all for keeping costs down where we can, so not many of our days out are going to cost the world. We've got National Trust memberships which will pay for Erddig and Chrik Castle, along with RSPB passes for South Stack and vouchers from Christmas for Chester Zoo. We would like to take the kids down to Peppa Pig World for Elsie's 2nd birthday which will obviously be quite expensive, but we haven't booked anything yet until we know whats happening with the house. It wouldn't be ideal to pack up, move and then pack some bags for a trip down south a couple of days later haha. Other than those days out, we're keeping it simple with trips to the beach, park, Pizza Hut (now that the fussy one finally likes pizza as much as the rest of us!), Liverpool (mainly so that Aled can get Ollie the new Everton kit and then just some crafty things at home. 

If I was at home for the whole six weeks with them, this list would probably be twice as long but there's only so much we can get done in my days off. When I'm working the kids will either be with Aled, my Mum or Nursery/Holiday Club who do loads of activities with them too so I'm hoping they really enjoy their summer!

We're going to be super busy with the house anyway (I'd imagine I'll have a paint brush in my hand within a day or two haha) and then Elsie's birthday on August 18th too.

Have you got anything fun planned?



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