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Elsie's 2nd Birthday Ideas

With less than 3 weeks until Elsie turns 2, I thought I'd share with you what we've got her for her birthday and how I'm going to style her birthday party. Ignoring the fact that my little baby girl is about to become 2 (seriously, that time has flown by!), I'm so excited to celebrate and see her little face when she opens her presents. There's a definite theme to her birthday which you may have guessed already.... Ben and Holly! She's obsessed with Ben, Holly and little Gaston, along with Peppa Pig too (but I can definitely tolerate watching the Little Kingdom more than that spoilt little pig!). We aren't ones to spend a fortune at birthdays (normally about £150) and I'll keep things in my basket on a website until there's an offer on to make sure we save as much as we can! So here's what we've got our Elsie Pie this year...

1. Tea trolley and toy food

Elsie LOVES playing with the toy kitchen and foods. We bought it for Ollie a couple of years ago but I moved it to her room last year and she's forever pretending to make a cup of tea or cut us some pizza slices up! So for her main present, we've got her a wooden tea trolley from Great Little Trading Company which is so adorable. It's quite expensive (£55 normally) but GLTC regularly have offers on so keep an eye on their website. To go with it, we've bought a birthday cake set and a tea set, also from GLTC, they seriously have the most gorgeous wooden toys!

2. Clothes

We've been using 2-3 clothes for quite a few months now but my god does Elsie know how to ruin clothes! They're forever getting stained with paint/food/pens/mud so any new additions to the wardrobe are welcome. I picked up this Peppa Pig t-shirtglitter t-shirt and Peppa Pig knickers all from TU in Sainsbury's which she'll love. And no, she's not potty trained yet but she is starting to take a bit of an interest so I thought I'd pick the Peppa knickers up for when she wants to give it a go!

3. Books

You probably know that I'm a huge childrens book fan by now, so no birthday or Christmas goes past without some new additions to the collection. For her birthday I've bought a Peppa Pig first words sticker bookPeppa Pig unicorn bookPeppa and her Golden BootsBen & Holly sticker book and Ben & Holly birthday book. I've linked all of these on Amazon, but I actually picked them up in Asda as part of their 2 for £7 offer.

4. Jigsaw

Oliver didn't like jigsaws until he was 3 but Elsie already likes trying to do them (when her brothers not around to take over!) So we've picked up this Ben & Holly jigsaw set from Amazon which is perfect for her age.

5. Ben & Holly Toys

Elsie will sit and play with little people play sets for hours! She's already inherited all of Ollie's old Peppa/Ben & Holly sets but we've got the new toadstool set and royal limousine set for her birthday. I can't wait to see her little face when she opens them!

6. Hair Clips

I honestly don't know where all of Elsie's clips disappear to?! We had a lovely collection of clips from Claire's Accessories for her (she only wears the fabric bows when I'm home in case they go missing at Nursery/Mums) but we're down to our last few now. So when I saw these Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly ones when I was browsing Amazon for toys, I added them straight to my basket.

7. Wand

And the last little toy is this Ben & Holly magic wand which was from the Argos 2 for £15 offer (which I got along with the figurine set below to use as cake toppers). She'll love this... we won't - there's no off switch. *yay*

And as for the party, we're fully embracing the Ben & Holly theme...

1. Set Up

As with any birthday (or anything to be honest haha) I turn to Pinterest for inspiration. This picture perfectly sums up how I'm going to be styling her party. I'll get onto where all the table decorations are from, but for the leaves and flowers I'll get some big sheets of card from Hobbycraft and cut them out to make the background. It's always nice to have some decoration behind the party table and this won't cost much to do at all. As for the rest...

2. Cake Toppers

The cake I'm planning on making will be pretty much identical to the one I found on Pinterest (bottom right picture). It'll be a victoria sponge cake with pink icing, decorated with flowers and leaves cut out from card and a Ben & Holly figurine set. And my friend Nat's told me that you can get pens to write on icing to make the name bit that have an edible ink. Winner!

3. Cupcake Toppers

I always make cupcakes to go with the main cake because you can never have too much cake right? I'm thinking of doing chocolate cupcakes as a contrast to the main cake, with green buttercream piped like grass, topped with sugar craft ladybirds and gold glitter crowns.

4. Tree Slice

The main cake will sit on a tree slice in the centre of the table. I was lucky enough to pick one of these up from work as they've recently had some trees cut down nearby, but you can get them on eBay and other websites. There's far too many size options for me to link one but ours is about 30cm I think. Just make sure you put the cake on a cake board too, no one wants tree spinners in their sponge!

5. Biscuit Cutter

I might make some biscuits too, so I've got this crown cookie cutter but even if I don't make biscuits with it, I can use it for the sandwiches. Plus you can never have too many cookie cutters, the kids love having a shaped butty as a treat.

6. Tableware

I normally get themed plates and napkins but they can be a bit expensive so this year I've got some napkinsplates and a table cover from Asda as part of their 3 for £3 offer. There's so many different colour schemes (and themes too) as part of that offer, it's really good value.

7. Crown

For the birthday girl, I've picked up a gold glitter crown to clip into her hair. I'm not sure if she'll keep it on the whole time but it'll look so cute for a couple of birthday pictures!

8. Table Runner

And the last key bit of the party table is an artificial grass table runner. I've tried to pick up an offset from work but there's not much about at the moment so I think I'll order a proper one online. At least then I can use it at Easter time, which I'm sure Aled will love haha.

I hope this is of some use if you've got a Ben & Holly or Peppa fan like our little Elsie. I can't wait to have her birthday party now after writing all this up!


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  1. Looks lovely! You always have such great ideas x


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