Thursday, 15 March 2018

World Book Day 2018

I absolutely love reading to Oliver, and luckily he loves it too. It's nice to just cuddle up right before bedtime and have that quality time together. He asks questions, points things out and occasionally does a bit of acting along the way! Elsie's till a bit too young to listen properly to a story but she likes the 'That's not my' books. So we definitely like to get involved with World Book Day.

Last year, Ollie dressed up as the Gruffalo as he was obsessed with the book at the time (he still likes it now but we read a better variety of books these days). This year, I asked him which book was his favourite and explained that he could dress as the main character to go to school. He picked one of his all time favourites, The Disgusting Sandwich.

You may not have heard of it before, I think I picked it up in Asda on one of their 2 books for £7 deals but it's a great book. However, there was no chance I was going to be able to just nip out and pick up a badger outfit for a 4 year old! So I had to get my craft on, which luckily I love. I managed to order a grey onesie on eBay for about £6 and then used a glue gun to put a white panel on the front of it. I glued a red polka dot bandana to it too as I thought it would be too annoying for Ollie to have one actually tied around his neck all day. For the sandwich, I bought a bunch of felt sheets from Hobbycraft and glued them together, cutting out bits of felt for the green slime and black marks too. I also glued some toy flies to it too, which I got off eBay. The mask was just an A4 sheet of card that I cut out and drew using marker pens, then attached elastic to it.

Ollie was so made up with it and I was too, to be honest. He was really excited to go and show his teachers and friends that he was a badger and it was nice that he was something different too (there were three Batmans in his class!). So here was our 2018 World Book Day outfit, next year Elsie will need one too!


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