Monday, 26 March 2018

Llyn Elsi

On Saturday morning we went for a walk up to Llyn Elsi for the first time. Like a lot I'm sure, we're always struggling for ideas of what to do at the weekend. Aled isn't a National Trust fan and our indoor options are limited around here. So there's always plenty of walks to do but obviously the weather has stopped us for the last few months. So now that it's finally dry (and a bit sunny too!) we tried a new walk. I just searched for walks around Betws y Coed and this was the top result. Seeing as though we have our own Elsie, I thought it was perfect!

I was a bit unsure at first as it said it was pretty steep for the first half hour and we had Ollie's little legs to think about but decided to just go for it and see how we get on. Before this, Ollie's only ever walked up Aber Falls or Conwy mountain and even the last time to Aber Falls he asked to be carried for a bit on the way down. But on Saturday he walked the whole thing, with absolutely no whingeing either which was bloody lovely. I think it was because the walk was through a forest, with streams and huge rocks along the way which he loved.

I had Elsie in our Little Life carrier for most of the walk but she got out when we were near the top and it had levelled off a bit. The path up to the lake is really wide and completely safe for children. There were a couple of bits where there was a little drop but luckily, Ollie is pretty sensible and won't go too close (Elsie won't be the same at his age, I just know it!). Her and Ollie make me laugh so much, they are honestly the best of friends. There was lots of holding hands, cuddles, kisses and chasing between them and then the little conversations just melt my heart "Elsie do you want to go and see the Lake?" "Yeah!". Too cute.

The lake was absolutely stunning, we can't wait to go back again in the summer and take a full picnic with us. The kids had some snacks at the top and then we headed back down. The whole walk took two hours and I'm so proud of Ollie for doing it all. We had said that we'd go on the little train in Betws y Coed and go for ice creams after the walk but we didn't think it would take that long so we opted for some lunch in the pub where we'd parked instead.

If you know of any other children friendly walks in North Wales, please let me know 😊


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