Monday, 19 March 2018

Easter Box Gift Ideas

I can't believe that we're nearing the end of March already and Easter is only around the corner! Now if the weather could just warm up a bit I'd be very happy, the snow is just not welcome this far into the year 🙅 Anyway, I thought I'd share some Easter box ideas with you. I love doing boxes for the kids for Easter, Halloween and Christmas Eve, they don't need to cost a fortune and it's a nice little family tradition to have. My Dad made the wooden boxes I've got for the kids (which I've painted white) but you can pick up one from Hobbycraft for just £8. Then I just use shredded paper at the bottom and fill it with a selection of things like....

1. Cake cases and cookie cutters

If you've got a chocolate hater like me (Ollie's still not a fan!) then Easter themed cupcakes and biscuits might be more up their street. I love these sets, both from Molly Meg and perfect for getting the kids involved with a bit of baking too.

2. Egg hunt goodies

Ok, so not for Easter boxes but I love these egg hunt signs and peppa egg kit (there's paw patrol ones available too). I've never done an egg hunt for the kids (well Elsie's still a bit too young) but I'm going to do one this year for them. There aren't many good hiding places in our garden so will probably do it at my Mum's. I can't wait to see his little face running around to find them all!

3. Easter books

If you've followed me on IG for a while, then you probably know that I love buying books for the kids. I tend to just get new ones at Easter/Halloween/Birthday/Christmas otherwise we'd have to buy more storage haha. So I always get one new themed book for their Easter box, and a sticker book for Ollie which he loves to do. Some ones I've spotted this year are this Easter sticker book, a hungry caterpillar one and a Peppa book. But Asda and Tesco always have some themed ones in around now and they're usually on 2 for £7 too.

4. Jellycat bunny

We all know Elsie loves a Jellycat bunny! Aled may go mad if I buy her any more but this little yellow one is just too cute... sorry Al :)

5. Easter ears

If your little girl loves a dress up outfit, then these bunny ears may be the perfect addition to her collection. I just love the floral detail at the bottom of the ears.

6. Playmobil set

It always seems a bit tricky to find Easter themed gifts for boys but this Playmobil set is perfect. Ollie absolutely loves his Playmobil toys and plays with them for such a long time (something I never thought I'd say as he didn't play with toys properly until he was over 3!). This set has got rabbits in it, so perfect for Easter.

7. Beatrix Potter Skittles

Elsie got these Beatrix Potter wooden skittles from my Auntie and Uncle at Christmas and they are so gorgeous. I have them displayed on her windowsill when she's not playing with them and they're a great addition to her nursery.

8. Crumpets

As I mentioned, Ollie isn't a fan of chocolate so any Easter themed alternative food is a winner with him. So when I saw that Asda were doing bunny shaped crumpets  I went to buy some straight away. We've got a couple of packets stashed away in the freezer in case they sold out!

9. Colouring Set

If your little one loves craft, then this Easter colouring set will go down well. It has their name on it, along with 3 colouring posters and 12 marker pens.

10. Easter Vest

A perfect little vest for a baby's first Easter, this vest from Not on the High Street is personalised with their name and comes in a choice of colours.

11. Lego Set

Like the Playmobil set, this Lego set is a great alternative to chocolates. We haven't bought any Lego in this house yet but I'm sure our day will come!

12. Easter Eggs

And how could we leave Easter eggs out?! I've picked up these Thorntons eggs from Asda for the kids this year. I know Ollie won't eat his but Aled's always eagerly waiting for any unwanted chocolate. The gruffalo egg and butterfly egg are both £2.50 each in Asda, or 2 for £5 from Thorntons.

I hope this helps you out if you're planning on doing an Easter box for your little one this year. I'd always have a look in the supermarkets and pound shops for little extras too as they have great themed ranges around this time, but I can rarely find them online to link to them. I'll be sharing Oliver and Elsie's boxes next week 🐰


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