Saturday, 3 February 2018

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Apologies now to anyone who doesn't have a valentine this year (or maybe if you just dislike it as a celebration anyway) but I thought I'd do a little roundup of some gift ideas I've come across recently. We don't go crazy for Valentine's Day in this house, Aled will normally get me some roses and I'll cook us a nice meal but we haven't done actual presents for a few years now. It does hold a special place in our hearts though as it's the day we moved into our house, almost 6 years ago!

So here are some ideas if you are the present buying kind (and I'm aware most of them are more for the ladies but I asked Aled for some male gift ideas and he said a PlayStation game and beer... so just went with my ideas instead 🙄🤣😂).

1. Gin & Glasses

Since Christmas, me and Aled have been loving drinking gin, late to the party I know but we're definitely hooked. The Gordon's Pink Gin is our newest addition to the ever growing spirits cupboard and it's so nice. It's flavoured with berries and goes perfectly with some elderflower tonic. These gin glasses from Next are perfect too!

2. Sparkling Wine

If you're not a gin drinker, maybe some sparkling wine would be more up your street? I'm partial to a prosecco or three (who isn't) and this is my favourite sparkling wine, the Pefriog from Gwinllan Conwy. We had some when we went to Gwinllan for Erika's birthday afternoon tea, and then my Mum bought some for Christmas Day. It just tastes lovely and doesn't leave you pulling a face after a sip! Haha.

3. Vase

I've got a couple of pieces of Emma Bridgewater crockery in the pink hearts pattern and it's perfect for Valentine's Day. I think this vase is adorable, and can be personalised too.

4. Roses

The one thing I do get every year off Aled is a lovely bunch of flowers. Granted, they're normally from Tesco or Asda, but one year he did get some delivered to me which was super romantic (I must have been an extra good girlfriend that year 😂). I have been lusting over Bloom & Wild flowers for months now and their Valentine's collection is just beautiful.

5. Serving Board

I love this simple but gorgeous heart shaped serving board by Sophia Victoria Joy. It's completely personalised with you and your partners name and a special date or message underneath. I would buy one myself but it only works for married couples and we all know how that goes!

6. Photo Dome

Another little Not on the High Street find, this floating photo dome reminds me a bit of the rose in Beauty and the Beast! It's a lovely way to have a favourite photo of you and your partner on display.

7. Radio

I treated myself to a VQ DAB Radio last year and I absolutely love having it. I keep it in the kitchen mainly, so when I'm cooking I can dance (and attempt to sing) along to Kisstory. The kids have become partial to a kitchen disco too, we're still working on Aled. They do the Retro mini radio in a load of different colours and patterns.

8. Cards

I know you can pick up a card from pretty much anywhere, but Paperchase is one of my favourite shops if you're after something a bit more special. This lobster cardcat card and dinosaur card are some of my favourites from their Valentine's Day range this year.

9. Print

We've got two Old English Co prints in the house now, one in the lounge and this 'All of Me' print in our bedroom. They are very reasonably priced and I love the look of them. Plus that song is an absolute favourite, plus a definite wedding song contender... if we ever needed one.

10. Pillow Cases

Also from Old English Co, these pillowcases are amazing. I was going to get them when we redecorated our bedroom but I thought it was too much of the same with the print above them.

11. Pandora Charms

Fun fact for you, I lost my Pandora bracelet last summer (all £800+ of it!) and I've felt lost without it ever since. It's right up there on the birthday presents list for May but if you/your partner already have  one then this fully embellished charm and more simplistic heart charm are beautiful 💗


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