Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I cannot believe how quickly 2017 flashed before my eyes. Apart from Mum having breast cancer (which was obviously dreadful but thankfully that's all behind us now and she's fighting fit), my anxiety getting the best of me and struggling with the full time working mum life balance, it was a good year for us. We enjoyed the last of my maternity leave, watched our baby girl grow and develop into the character that she is, celebrated Elsie's first birthday and Ollie's fourth, Ollie started school, we sorted out mortgage out and managed to wipe 7 years off it (boring adult life admin win right there), both got new cars, holidayed to Center Parcs, lost weight (and put half of it back on over Christmas, but that's ok right?!...), started this blog and had lots of fun family days that are good for the soul. So, what about 2018?...

Well this year me and Aled turn 30! I'm not that bothered about mine to be honest but will enjoy celebrating with friends and family nevertheless. Aled's 30th is this month so we've booked to go to Chester for the night complete with a spa trip, meal and drinks out and plenty of shopping. My birthday is in May and we'll be in Center Parcs for it. I did look at going to Disneyland Paris but priced it against Florida and decided to wait a couple more years and go there instead. I'm totally happy with Center Parcs anyway, it's my happy place.

Other than those milestones, what will I want to change? I'm not a massive 'new year, new me' person. Don't get me wrong, I have been in the past! But we were happy in 2017 and I don't think much more needs to change. So there's just healthy habits I'd like to get into, rather than changing anything about myself...

Continue my weight loss journey

I'm back off to Slimming World in the morning. I haven't been since the beginning of October so I have no idea how much I weigh but I feel heavy and clothes are tighter than they were a couple of months ago. I'm confident I can get back on track though (going to buy a 12 week countdown plan) so hopefully I will reach my target weight by the summer.

Get back to blogging!

I've paid hardly any attention to my blog since returning to work last May after maternity leave. I miss it like mad, it's my place to ramble on and be creative which is good for my head. So I'm going to write out a bit of a plan for blog posts and make sure I stick to it! If there's any type of blog posts you'd like to see, please let me know :)

Spend some more time on looking after number one

I definitely neglect looking after myself and I'm sure a lot of Mum's can relate. The kids come first, naturally, but along with Aled and the house, I tend to forget about taking some time out for me. I'd like to buy some new clothes (and not plain tees like I normally go for), paint my nails each week and have more bubble baths. Just little things that make me feel more like me really. I know something like painting your nails is a bit silly but when you a) work in a builders merchants and b) have man hands, it makes me feel so much more confident.

So I wish you a happy new year and hope 2018 is a good one. Thank you for all your likes, comments and love on Instagram and my blog over the last year 💗


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