Sunday, 15 October 2017

Siblings Project // October 2017

Can I still call myself a blogger?... Can't remember the last time I sat down and wrote a blog post but here I am! I've written up a list of blog posts I want to do and along with the 5 I've had sitting as drafts for 3 months (yep, I've been that bad recently) I'm hoping that I'll get back into he swing of things now. So where better to start than a little update on these two little monkeys? They really do keep us on our toes at the moment!

Oliver is knackered with school every day which makes for hard work over the weekend as he needs to relax a bit but that's a word that no toddler knows the meaning of! He's doing so well though, we're so proud of him. We actually have his parents meeting tomorrow with Cylch and I can't wait to hear what they've got to say as he just keeps developing all the time at the moment. Each morning when I drop him off at school, all of the children's names are laminated on the table and they have to pick their name and put it in the basket. He can now pick his out which makes me so happy as he's not the most co-operative learner so I tend to get a bit panicky sometimes that he'll never know how to read/write/draw which I know is silly, he always gets there in the end.

He is loving all things football, Gruffalo and Spiderman related at the moment. I managed to get him a Spiderman costume in the TU sale in Sainsbury's for £7.50 this week and he loves it. One guess who he wants to be for Halloween! He's also loving singing, mostly Moana and Trolls songs which can get slightly very repetitive but it's so cute to hear him singing along to the lyrics. He's such a performer, can't wait to see what he'll be like in school plays!

Elsie is doing really well at nursery too. The manager said the other day "she looks like butter wouldn't melt, but my god it would boil" which is so true. She is the most angelic looking little pudding but my god she's mischievous! I'm in love with her little character and how intelligent she is for just 13 months old, it's fascinating to watch her figuring things out and copying Oliver/us all the time. She's recently been loving 'drawing' (I use the term loosely!) with crayons which is refreshing as Ollie isn't into drawing much and I hope it continues because I loved drawing when I was little and still do.

She's actually struggling quite badly with teething at the moment bless her. She's got 9 teeth through now and I can't actually tell which ones are causing all this trouble but I'm hoping that it passes soon as we miss our little smiler! Along with that, she's been getting an allergic reaction for a few weeks now. We originally thought it was happening because of a certain coat she's got but it's happened too many times without that on now. I honestly don't think its food related because it's always on her hands/arms rather than near her mouth or anything. But I don't have a clue what's causing it. It doesn't happen everyday and she's never distressed when it happens which is a relief. We've got to take her for a blood test on Tuesday to hopefully get some answers.

To be honest, Elsie feels so much older than 13 (almost 14) months. I think because we've got Ollie, we naturally treat her a bit older than she is so it's easy to forget that she's still our baby. Between them, they are rapidly eating us out of house and home (and you definitely can never get away with giving one a snack without giving the other one!) and have both leaped up to the next size of clothing which has been amazing for the bank account. And yep, that means Elsie is now mostly in 18-24 month clothing with Ollie in 4-5.

I hope you enjoyed our little update!


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