Sunday, 10 September 2017

Elsie's Cake Smash Photoshoot

Finally getting round to sharing all the photos from Elsie's cake smash with you all! I am SO happy with how the photos turned out so thought I'd share where I got all the clothing and decoration bits from and how I set it all up in case anyone was thinking of doing their own shoot at home too. We were going to have Elsie's cake smash done professionally but we just wanted to save some money.


Her outfit was made up of a Bob and Blossom tutu, 'one' vest and a hairband. I'm not a huge fan of them being just in a nappy or bloomers (Ollie just had a nappy cover and a bowtie on for his and I wish I'd chosen an outfit with a vest) but that's personal preference. Her tutu is a Bob and Blossom dusty pink one. You can buy them direct from Bob and Blossom but I got Elsie's from Freddie Loves which is a great online shop for kids clothes, toys and home accessories. Her vest is just a plain white one from Tesco's F&F range with a 'one' glitter transfer ironed on from Tiny Bear. It was really easy to iron on, looked great and lasted the cake smash photoshoot and her birthday party too. Her bow is part of a pack of three from Little Sparkles Boutique. I was going to use one of the glitter ones but went with the flower one in the end.


Part of the reason why I decided to do Elsie's cake smash at home is because her room is perfect for it. It's got a window right next to where I take photos, a pink wall as a background and a wooden floor which makes it really easy to clean up afterwards. If you haven't got a wooden floor, I've seen people use a sheet of perspex over a carpet instead, or the most common thing to do is buy a roll of seamless paper and have that as the background and floor covering.

For some decoration in the background, I bought two pink helium balloons from a local party shop and placed them at either side of a gold star garland which I managed to get four runs out of. I hung the garland up using Party Hangers which are perfect for all sorts of decorations where you don't want to put a pin in the wall or use tape.

For the cake, I borrowed a cake stand from my friend and bought a rose cake from Sainsburys for £11. The cake was so pretty, I could never have made something so perfect for £11! I bought a 'one' topper from Bear and Flo on etsy which was perfect. I took the topper off once I'd taken a couple of pictures though as I didn't want Elsie ripping it!

The Shoot

I use a Canon EOS M10 camera with a 22mm pancake lens most of the time. I got it on a great bundle offer price in Currys at the beginning of the year and it's the best camera I've had. They are quite expensive (mine came with two lenses for £329) but if you're after a camera at around this price, I definitely recommend it.

I took a couple of pictures of the cake on it's own first and then brought Elsie in. I took a couple of pictures of her without the cake and then brought that back in and removed the topper. Then I just left her to it really. I thought she'd dive straight in (it was food after all!) but she didn't realise it was something she could eat. So I put some of the icing on my finger while she was watching and let her taste it and the rest was history!

She made plenty of mess (not that I was bothered about that) and had lots of fun getting stuck in. Hope this helps anyone thinking of doing a cake smash themselves 🎂💗


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