Thursday, 31 August 2017

Me and Mine // September 2017

It's really upset me that I've missed the last Me and Mine (and Siblings Project) post. Things all got a bit too much running up to my week off and I was barely finding the time to get important jobs around the house done, never mind take some family photos and sit down to write a blog post. However, things are a lot more organised now and I'm trying to keep on top of things a bit more so it doesn't get so on top of me again! So what's new with our little tribe? We've changed nursery for the kids, Elsie's turned one, we've had a lovely week and a half off work and we are rapidly preparing for a certain troublesome (but ridiculously funny too) threenager to start school next week.

As you may know, my anxiety has been terrible since I went back to work. Mainly due to not being with the kids but I suffered terribly on days that they were in nursery. It's just not the same place that Oliver went to before I went on maternity leave with Elsie. Since returning there, he'd come home like a different child and it was so upsetting. He'd refuse to get in the car, scream at me all the way home, not tell me a thing about his day, plead with me not to go back, he had a cut on his chin one day (which I still have no explanation for), he wasn't getting signed in to playgroup when they dropped him off... the list goes on! However on one day he came back in the foulest mood ever and, after I finally managed to calm him down, he literally burst out crying shouting "I didn't have fun". It was heartbreaking. I was a mess myself and just hugged him for about 10 minutes in his bedroom. He didn't go back after that day. So the search began to find a new nursery. It's tricky for us as we do flexi days due to Aled's shift work. Two of the closer nursery's to home/work didn't have space but we found one a bit of a drive away. The place is AMAZING and it's the best decision we've ever made. Oliver is now a different child which makes my heart burst with happiness. He greets me with "Mummy! I'm so happy to see you! I've had such fun!". He tells me about his day and doesn't kick up a fuss to go there in the mornings. I have no idea what caused him to be so upset in the old nursery, but it killed me as a Mum to know it was upsetting him that much. There's nothing I can do to change the past but here's to the future and knowing he's having fun! Also, Elsie is loving it as well. She's too little to know otherwise really but the setting is so much nicer in the new place so its a winner for her too.

We had half planned to go away for a couple of days during our week off but Aled's desperate to get a new car before we do any more long journeys in it so we just stayed close to home and had little days out. I just enjoyed doing some activities we rarely get to do when I'm in work like swimming, popping to town, going out for lunch, going to soft play and trips to the park. We had to put the kids in nursery on the Wednesday so we could pop to Wrexham for our mortgage appointment (we're not moving FYI, just moving to a different lender) so we had a baby/toddler free shopping trip to Cheshire Oaks afterwards. Where we actually spent most of our money kitting out Oliver's 4-5 year wardrobe as he's had a mega growth spurt this past month (kids hey?!). On Friday we went to Liverpool for the day which was lovely. It wasn't a mega shopping trip as that just doesn't happen when you're shopping with kids, but we went to the Disney Store and the Everton shop and then had a lovely walk around the docks before some lunch in TGI Fridays. We chose to go there because they do smiley faces on the kids menu (which we thought would make our fussy toddlers year!) but he didn't eat them. WTF. We had a nice meal anyway! Their hot dogs are soooo good by the way. As time off goes, that's it for me now until we go to Centre Parcs in November so I'm counting down to that! I just love family time 💗

The summer holidays seem to have gone by pretty quickly so far, I can't believe that Oliver is starting school next week. Operation school uniform has been a nightmare. I got him age 3-4 trousers from M&S a few weeks ago when they had 20% off but due to his growth spurt, they are not going to last long at all. The 3-4 polos and jumpers from the school were a perfect fit (and I tumble dry everything so they would have been too small after that) so I ordered 5-6 which DROWN HIM. Arrrgghhhh! So now I've had to panic buy polos and jumpers from Asda and Tesco in age 4-5 (why don't the school do a size in-between?!) and get them embroidered. Hopefully they'll be here in time! I can't wait to drop him off on his first day. I'm starting work at 9am from tomorrow so I can drop him off every day which makes me so happy. He's super excited to go to school (and I would be too as it's brand new and looks bloody amazing).

We've got a few things on this month at the weekends so I feel like October is going to be here before I know it. One step closer to Christmas (yep I said it... I LOVE Christmas, sorry about that) 😜


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