Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Elsie's 1st Birthday

So it's happened, our baby girl has turned one! We had the best time celebrating her first birthday so I thought I'd share some photos with you (and there's quite a few, sorry about that!). Her birthday was on Friday the 18th so I set up her birthday presents the night before in the lounge with the standard big number foil balloon and then got a bit totally emotional about my baby turning into a toddler. Unfortunately no one was there to sob with me or tell me to man up as Aled was working nights (boohoo) but I managed to pull myself together in the end!

I wrote a post about the presents I was going to buy her a few weeks ago in case you wanted to have a read but the main presents were a cosy coupe and a book cart from Great Little Trading Company, along with a lot of unicorn themed clothing, books and plates/bowls. She was actually a tiny bit interested in opening one present (Ollie wasn't at his first birthday) but Ollie opened all of the others within seconds for her. It was a glimpse of what his birthday and Christmas will be like, there was wrapping paper flying everywhere! She loved her car bless her and I'm so glad that the arguments over who's turn it is to go in Ollie's car are finally over 🙈

I made her a birthday pancake with her favourite fruits for breakfast and then we all had a slow morning whilst Aled slept off his night shift. Her birthday outfit was from Next (a while ago though), she had the same outfit last year and I loved it so much that I managed to get it in the sale after Christmas. Her bow is from Little Sparkles Boutique and her shoes are from Clarks.

Once Aled was awake we went to Hickory's in Rhos on Sea for lunch. It's one of our favourite local restaurants and the easiest one for kids as there's hot dogs on the kids menu (Ollie's favourite) and a kids cinema room that plays different animated films all day that he can jut run back and forth from. Otherwise we are totally those parents who whip the iPad out as it is impossible to get Ollie to sit still otherwise. I ordered the southern fried chicken burger because its amazing, Aled had a hot dog (as did Ollie) and Elsie had mac 'n' cheese with some cucumber sticks. It's so nice to order something other than fish fingers or a hot dog off a kids menu! She bloody loved it but it was a huge portion for her so she didn't have it all.

After Hickory's we drove to Surf Snowdonia in Dolgarrog to go to soft play. There are closer ones but I honestly just don't like them. The one in Surf Snowdonia (if you're local and wondering) is smaller but it's really clean and bright in there. There's nothing worse than being in a dingy, sticky and smelly soft play for a couple of hours with a load of screaming kids. So give me a 20 minute drive into the countryside any day for a better setting. I am aware that this does sound pretty snobby but I'm sure a lot of people would agree!

It was Elsie's first trip to soft play since she's been able to crawl, never mind walk! She was ridiculously excited and my god did we need eyes in the back of our heads!! She could climb up all the ramps which meant she could get to any of the slides and wouldn't think twice about throwing herself down them. Honestly, she's a right monkey that girl of ours.

Since we found out we'd be expecting a summer baby, we were both excited to have a party for him/her where we could use the garden. I know it sounds a bit petty but Oliver's birthday is in December and there's no chance of relaxing in the sun for his party (or who knows, maybe we can in a few years with the weather like it is 😂). So for months we've been praying that the 'summer' weather would show it's face so we wouldn't be like cramped sardines in our kitchen and lounge.

Thankfully, it turned out to be a lovely day and we had the most perfect little party for Elsie Pie. She was a bit unsure of everyone being at the house at once but once she'd eaten some party food she came out of her shell. No idea where she gets that from....

I shared a lot of the party decorations and ideas on a previous blog post if you wanted to have a look. The theme was unicorns and all things pink and girly (why not?!) so I had so much fun setting everything up. The balloons and banners were all from a local party shop in Colwyn Bay and I decorated the chalk board in the garden (which never gets used as Ollie hates all things craft related). Elsie's outfit consisted of her Bob and Blossom pink tutu, a white vest with an iron on 'one' transfer and a bow from Little Sparkles Boutique. It's the same outfit that she wore for her cake smash, which I'll write up a blog post about this week.

Her birthday cake was made by my friend Nat (who's also one of her godmothers) and it was perfect! I'm in love with unicorn cakes (who isn't?! they're everywhere!) so I couldn't wait for Nat to work her magic for her birthday! I made some cupcakes to go with it, along with some toppers that were kindly sent over to me from Aria Lily Designs. Along with the cake and cupcakes, we had your standard party food which went down a treat... apart from the quiche 😂

I had all of her month photos and milestone photos printed off as polaroid style prints from Photobox and hung them all up above the table. It's so lovely to look back at them all as they grow so bloody much in that first year. I think I'm going to put her month photos up in her room for a bit but put the milestone ones away in her memory box as there's so many of them. The unicorn pegs and ribbon were from New Look but the other two rows were put up using some plain pink ribbon and mini pegs that I had in my crafts stash.

The table confetti was from Party Delights and although it was pretty, it stuck to everything and we also found a few pieces in Elsie's nappy the next day (a nice thought for you right?) so it obviously tasted good too!

So thank you for everyone's messages on Instagram wishing her a happy birthday and for all the presents from friends and family. We had a lovely time and as upsetting as it can be to see your 'baby' growing up I'm excited to see how she'll change and grow by her next birthday. Happy 1st birthday Elsie pie 💗


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