Thursday, 17 August 2017

Elsie's 12 Month Update

It's the eve of my second baby's first birthday. I write this with a small mound of pink presents in front of me, a beautiful daughter sleeping soundly in her bed and a tear in my eye (such an emotional wreck since having her!). I always dreamed of having a little girl (that's nothing against Oliver in the slightest, I love him just as much) and I can't quite believe how quickly this last year has flashed before my eyes. I am so in love with this little girl of ours, as is everyone around her. She has grown and developed so much during this past year, you can literally see her blossoming into a toddler before our eyes.

Elsie is such a funny little character but oh so different to her big brother. She's dainty in the way she does things (points constantly and likes playing with intricate little toys), she loves books (especially any touchy-feely ones or lift-the-flap ones), she is super mischievous and bloody knows it (the little look and smile she gives us when she toddles off to open the recycling bin cupboard for the 127943th time is both adorable and so cheeky), she loves music and dancing, she adores her food (which is slowly but surely helping Ollie's fussiness out too), she's nosey (aren't all girls?!... I definitely am haha) and she's very affectionate (loves giving us kisses and cuddles). More than anything, she is our outdoors loving girl, I will never tire of hearing her little squeals of excitement when she hears us open the back door or when we go to the park or beach. We've actually just bought a rucksack carrier thing so we can go on some walks as a family without having to cart the pram with us, she's going to bloody love it!

Milestone wise, we now have a fully fledged walker. She pretty much walks everywhere now and barely crawls. She walks with her arms up in the air though, it's so funny. She's still on 7 teeth and no signs of any more coming through any time soon. I'm unsure of height and weight (totally should have checked before she went to bed) but she's in 12-18 month clothing and a size 3.5G in shoes. She can say 'hiya', 'mama', 'dada' and 'ta', she can wave, clap, point and play peek-a-boo. She also loves to mimic the moves for wheels on the bus, round and round the garden and twinkle twinkle.

We all know she loves her food (like her mother) but I can safely say that her favourites are pasta, peas, blueberries and banana. No one can eat in peace near her, even if she's just wolfed down her tea she'll be whinging to get some of what you've got! She gets a great variety of home cooked meals, shop bought meals (Little Dish/Ella's Kitchen) and good old freezer food too. More than anything, it's so nice to go out for a meal with her as we can pick anything knowing that she'll eat it. Which after almost four years of avoiding restaurants because they don't do hot dogs or fish fingers is lovely. We have also switched to cows milk for her two bottles (morning and night) this week and she's not been bothered in the slightest.

She's obsessed with Ollie's cosy coupe (can't wait to see her little face in the morning when she sees her own one!), she likes the mega blocks and can stick two or three together, she's learnt how to bounce no the bounce and spin zebra and she loves any of the musical toys (especially the little piano!). But obviously, her favourite toys of all are her Jellycat bunnies!

So, our Elsie pie, we wish you the most perfect first birthday. Lots of love, Mummy, Daddy and Oliver 💗


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