Sunday, 16 July 2017

Siblings Project //July 2017

Oh Oliver and Elsie, you really do keep us on our toes! Especially miss Elsie. This last month (before Ollie fractured his collarbone), he has taken to carrying Elsie into his bedroom to play. Now that he can't carry her, he tempts her to crawl through with toys she likes. It's so funny and cute to watch. Then if she escapes, he goes after her which makes her giggle her head off because she thinks he's chasing her. His other favourite thing to do is tell her off. He LOVES to be the one who's doing the telling off rather than being the naughty one for a change. So when she goes off rummaging through the kitchen cupboard or switches the Playstation on for the 218487th time of the day, he's straight over saying 'No, Elsie!', 'You're not allowed Elsie!'.

Speaking of Ollie's fractured collarbone, it happened on Friday the 7th. You know in that time of night when they are chatting to themselves after their bedtime story before they fall asleep? Well he was chatting/singing one minute and then crying the next. By the time I'd got through to his bedroom, he'd already got back onto his bed bed told me that he'd fallen. I thought nothing of it and gave him a hug before he finally went off to sleep. Aled was on nights that night and Ollie ended up coming into bed with me at 2am because he woke up crying in pain. We gave him calpol over the weekend and just figured he'd bruised his rib or something. By Monday morning the bruising was pretty bad and he was crying when I changed his clothes. So a trip to A&E later, it was confirmed that he'd fractured his collarbone. I felt so bad for him! He must have fallen so awkwardly on it because his bed isn't that high and he's got carpet in his room. There's nothing they can do for it, it'll heal on its own within 3-4 weeks. It's slowly getting better but he's quite clumsy so if he knocks it or falls over, he's upset again. Thank you for everyone's well wishes on IG 💙

We took this months siblings project photos at Marl Woods, which is honestly a stones throw away from our house but I've never been before! Siobhan told me about it a few weeks ago and couldn't believe I'd never heard of it. We weren't up there that long as it was about 4ish on Saturday and we needed to get back for tea, so we'll be going back again soon. Ollie loved the wooden bench as it looked like Ben Elf's hat.

This weekend has been really productive. Not in an exciting way, but I've just managed to get lots of the boring adult jobs done that seem to go the back of the to-do list every day. Ollie got a haircut on Saturday morning (I don't realise how long it's got until we go to get it cut and see how much comes off!) and he looks super handsome. I've also managed to get Sky back (it's been a long six weeks since it was cancelled) for 60% off *woop*, renewed our RAC at 40% off and signed up to a new contract with BT for cheaper too. I know, so exciting! 😂 Me and Aled have been looking at new cars recently too, he's thinking of going for a Renault Kadjar and I'm looking at getting a MINI Countryman too. We've had our cars for three years now and definitely need some more space. I went to test out the car seats in the MINI today and there was so much room than there is in my car (Nissan Juke). Fingers crossed it all works out!

This next month is pretty much a countdown to Elsie's birthday (and party) and trying to think of ways to entertain Ollie over the summer holidays. We booked Centre Parcs this morning for November so at least we have a holiday to look forward to now!


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