Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Elsie's Birthday Presents and Party Ideas

It's now less than a month until Elsie's birthday and since I'm a bit of an OCD super organised weirdo, I've known what theme and decorations her party will have and what presents to buy her for months. We're going to be having a party at home for her and *hopefully* we can spend most of the time in the garden as our house soon gets pretty cosy and cramped. But who knows with the British weather?! So, with only a few weeks to go, I thought I'd share some of the ideas I've had for her presents (I'm not buying all of them!) and where I'll be getting most of the decorations from...

As far as presents go, I'm not one for spending an obscene amount of money, especially when they don't need loads of presents either. So, as I guide I spend about £150 but no more than £200. I know that might still be a lot to some people but we all know how little you can get for your money when it comes to plastic bloody toys from Smyths! The beauty with Elsie is that she is our second baby so she's inherited a lot of Ollie's toys, but there are still a few different things I'd like to get for her.

1. Fischer Price Laugh & Learn Chair

Ollie got this chair for his first birthday (but in yellow) and Elsie is obsessed with it. Obviously, we won't be buying it again but I do think it's a great first birthday present. It's the perfect height for them to climb onto themselves and she loves to sit there and turn the pages or dance to the music. It's really sturdy too so doesn't topple over when she does go climbing.

2. Lost My Name Book

I bloody love children's books, especially since Oliver got to an age where he'd actually sit and listen to a full story. I try to read to Elsie every night but it doesn't always happen. I'd like to get into the habit of reading to her more often though so I'm getting a few new books for her birthday. The Lost my Name book is one of my favourites. It's completely personalised and helps them spell out their own name. Oliver and Elsie have both got this book and I think it makes a lovely birthday present for any child.

3. Wooden Pram

I much prefer wooden toys to plastic ones, they just look prettier right? I've been looking for the perfect wooden pram online for a while (and one that doesn't break the bank!) which brought me to this one from Early Learning Centre. It's on offer for £25 at the moment but if you're part of the Mothercare/ELC birthday club, you get sent a 20% off code to use near your child's birthday. My mum has actually bought this for Elsie and I can't wait to see her walking around with it... if Oliver lets her!

4. Hairbands

A girl can NEVER have enough hairbands.... or so I keep telling Aled! I've not bought any in a while now and have totally got my eyes on these beauties from Evie Michelle. All of her hairbands are from Michelle's gorgeous shop and I would buy them all if I could afford to. Be sure to have a look!

5. Books

As I mentioned, I love buying books for the kids. Along with the Lost my Name one, I'm going to get a few other 'girly' books to add to Elsie's collection like Princess Mirror-Belle, Ten Little Princesses, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and That's Not My Unicorn.

6. Jellycat

You may have noticed that we are Jellycat fans. Oliver still goes to bed every night with his 'bun bun' and Elsie is pretty much always attached to one of her bunnies too, she surrounds herself in them when she goes to sleep which is super cute. So I thought one more to the collection wouldn't hurt (sorry Aled!). This time, I've bought a blossom pony in a gorgeous lilac colour.

7. Trunki

We got Oliver a trunki for his first birthday for our Centre Parcs trips, and seeing as though we're off there later this year, we thought it would be perfect to get Elsie one too. I don't tend to use it for clothing when we go away as it doesn't fit a weeks worth, but I use it for all his toys and books instead. This cat print one is perfect for Elsie Pie, but there's lots of designs to choose from.

8. Personalised Card

I wouldn't normally spend a fortune on a birthday card but with it being her first birthday, I've made an exception. When I saw this card by Button Box Cards on Instagram, I thought it would be perfect to keep as a decoration in her room.

9. Tableware

Now that Elsie is eating more and more 'proper' meals rather than purees, we don't ever seem to have enough plates and bowls around. So when I saw these unicorn themed pieces I grabbed them straight away! You can get the plate/bowl/cup set, cutlery and straw cup all from Asda and they were all really cheap too.

10. Happyland

Elsie loves playing with Ollie's happyland sets. Granted, the characters spend most of their time in her mouth as a teething relief but they do have some lovely 'girly' sets to choose from. My favourite is this cute little carriage set which is £20 but you could use that birthday club discount on it that I mentioned earlier. I haven't bought this, but I might get it for Christmas.

11. Cozy Coupe

Oliver's cozy coupe causes many arguments in the garden these days! Elsie is obsessed with it, constantly climbing in and out whilst grinning like the cheshire cat. The only trouble is that 1, Oliver doesn't like sharing it and 2, I got rid of the board to put at the bottom for when they're younger. So it seemed like the most perfect present to get for her birthday. We've ordered the pink one which is on offer at the Early Learning Centre at the moment.

12. Little Life Reins

Ollie got this Mickey little life reins for his first birthday and they were a great buy. We used them until he was about 2.5 so they got plenty of use. If I was ordering some for Elsie, I'd get the Minnie Mouse ones but Aled insists that she'll be fine using his old Mickey ones which is true! They are the perfect little size for toddlers and the rein is a great length, it's very weird to get used to though, I felt like I was walking a dog for the first few times!

13. Wooden Stacking Toy

As I mentioned, I love wooden toys. We've got a few different stacking ones but this one from Freddie Loves is utterly gorgeous and would look great in a nursery when not being played with.

14. Book Cart

I've had my eye on this wooden book cart from Great Little Trading Company for months. The colours match her nursery perfectly and it's perfect for keeping all her books in to free up some space in her toy storage unit.

For Elsie's party I'm going for a unicorn theme (much to Aled's disgust, he wanted a Super Mario theme.... seriously). I know so many people are doing this theme at the moment and why not, it's so bloody gorgeous! Here are some of the bits I've picked out for the party....

1. Tassel Garland

I think I'm going to get a tassel garland to go above the cake/food table. There's so many to choose from and I've seen some beautiful (but expensive) ones on Etsy but this one from Party Delights is much more budget friendly. The only downside is that you have to put it together yourself.

2. Crowns

Who needs party hats when you've got party crowns?! I think these little pink glitter crowns are so cute and I'm definitely thinking of getting some for the kids adults to wear at the party.

3. Unicorn Garland

I saw this picture of a unicorn garland when I was browsing party ideas on Pinterest. I don't know if you could buy something similar online but it seems simple enough to make (white card, glitter card, pink card and a few decorations!). If I do end up making it, I'll share some pictures on my IG stories when I do.

4. Cupcakes

Along with Elsie's birthday cake (keep scrolling to find out more), I'm going to make some cupcakes for the party too. I'm thinking pink cases, vanilla sponge, pink buttercream with sugar sprinkles and unicorn/star decorations. I love making cupcakes and everyone in the house loves eating them!

5. Tableware

Is it just me or is tableware ridiculously expensive? I've managed to pick up some super cute unicorn themed plates from Asda that were on offer at three packs for £3 which was really good. To put all the food on, I'll probably be ordering some pink platters and then using some of our plain white plates/platters. Then I'll get some pink plastic utensils too.

6. Table Confetti

A party staple, I love this gold confetti for the party food table. To go with the unicorn theme, the main two colours will be pink and gold so this will be perfect.

7. Cake

I'm very lucky to have a super talented cake baker as a best friend (and Ollie and Elsie's godparent too) so I put my order in for a unicorn cake months ago and I honestly can't wait to see it! It'll be something like this picture (no pressure Nat 😜) to fit in with the theme perfectly. If you're local, have a look at her Facebook/Instagram.

8. Confetti Balloons

I am in love with these confetti balloons I've come across on Party Delights. I won't be ordering them from that website because we've got a great balloon shop in Colwyn Bay that I always use for birthdays and christenings. So I hope they have them too when I go to get Elsie's party balloons (FYI, I feel like I've said balloons too many times now. Is it an actual word? Balloons.... 😂).

9. Pegs

When I was looking for an outfit for the hen party last week, I saw this cute little unicorn peg set in New Look's home section. I think it's perfect for putting up at the party with some of our favourite picture's from Elsie's first year.

10. One Balloon

I always get a big number balloon for Ollie's birthday so we'll be getting one for Elsie too. They look lovely with all the presents in the morning and then at the party too and they last for weeks as a decoration in their bedroom! You can buy them online but I'll be getting ours from the local balloon shop.

Hope this has been of some help for anyone with a little one who's due to turn one soon!



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