Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Elsie's 11 Month Update

I can't quite believe that we now only have one month left until this sweet baby girl of ours turns one. It feels like only yesterday that she was all sleepy and scrunched up on my chest in the hospital with that super soft newborn skin and the most beautiful pouty lips (gets them from her Daddy). The last eleven months have literally flown by. And I know everyone says that but it really bloody does. It completely amazes me how much they can grow, learn and develop in such a short time. I'd do anything to go back for another cuddle!

This month Elsie has adopted the affectionate nickname 'hooligan' due to her super mischievous ways! I've mentioned before that she's into everything, but now she knows what she should and shouldn't be doing and makes sure we notice when she's being a bit 'naughty'. She'll turn around and look at us with the most mischievous little smile. I feel like she knows far too much for someone so little.

Along with being a little hooligan, she is quite the drama queen! She can drop her bottom lip and turn on the tears on and off so bloody quickly. And she had her first mini tantrum last week too which was pretty hilarious to me and Aled. She was rooting through the cleaning cupboard under the sink (naturally) so I stood infant of it with my knee holding it shut. She kept pulling at the handle and when she realised what I was doing she had a little strop, scream and cry at me. God help us when she gets older 🙈

We've had three new teeth pop through this month which makes seven now! Three at the bottom and four at the top. She's most definitely in 12-18 month clothing too. I really should get her weighed and measure her height at some point before her birthday. Although she's as tall and clued up as a toddler, I'm trying to hold on to her being a baby in anyway I can. She's still in the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix baby car seat. I know she's big enough for the next one up but I'm not quite ready yet and she's happy too so I don't see the rush. I think we'll wait until December if we can so that Ollie can move up to the Rodifix and Elsie can have his Tobi seat.

Milestone wise, we had a pretty big one yesterday... she took her first steps! I had thought that she'd have taken them before 11 months but she seemed content with just standing and cruising the furniture for now and then last night took us all by surprise. She took three steps three times and then decided that that was enough and went back to crawling. She's done it once again today though, so sweet. Well done baby girl, we love you so much 💗


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