Friday, 16 June 2017

Siblings Project // June 2017

It's so funny to watch these two at the moment. One minute they're thick as thieves (playing together, mimicking each other and just generally being bloody cute) and the next, Ollie is pushing her away because she's after his food or shutting his bedroom door so she can't play with his toys. Me and Aled have got two days off at the end of the month and I can't wait to have some proper family days out with the two of them.

Last week was a tough one. I've suffered with my anxiety since being back at work but it all got a bit much last week and it caused the worst headaches I've ever had. Thankfully, I'm feeling so much better now but I still long to be with them. I miss the day to day things like the school run, picking what to make them for lunch and doing jigsaws with Ollie whilst Elsie naps. The nursery drop offs are finally getting a bit easier though (the pick ups are a whole other issue, Ollie is a different child when I pick him up: grubby, naughty, grumpy... bloody exhausting trying to reason with him when he's like that). Maybe I should make sure there's always wine in the house on nursery days?... 

On a brighter note, we had our parents meeting in Cylch for Ollie this week. I am SO proud of how far he's come since starting there in September. We've come to realise that he never really copes well with a major change to his routine and he's had quite a few in the last year (Elsie's arrival, dummy's going, potty training, me going back to work) and it has an affect on his behaviour and social interaction. When he started Cylch in September, he'd never sit and take part at circle time. Instead, he'd roll around and roll into the other children (not to be violent, it's just been his way of coping if that makes sense!). He's never been violent (it's not in his nature) but the lack of listening and refusal to take part in any games or focus tasks can be unreal at times. I know a lot of threenagers can be a pain in the arse but there were times I've been worried if there was something else causing him to be like this. We spoke to our health visitor and speech therapist at Christmas time and he's come on leaps and bounds since then. I'm unbelievably proud of how much his speech has come on and his interest in focus tasks (both at Cylch and at home). It's too easy to get wrapped up in comparing them to other children of a similar age and get even more worried that they're behind with certain things but they all get there in the end!

I took this months siblings project photos in the back garden which is their favourite place to be at the moment. We're really lucky that our whole garden is very safe for them both and we can leave them both to play while we're in the kitchen (well more Ollie, obviously we stay with Elsie if she's out there). Ollie's never been a huge fan of messy play but Elsie LOVES it, so she's often found stood up at the sand and water table screaching with excitement. Ollie has fallen back in love with his cozy coupe recently, pretending that he's going on holiday or off to work bless him.

So, the countdown begins for some family fun at the end of the month!


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