Monday, 19 June 2017

Elsie's 10 Month Update

As I write this, there's a pile of 9-12 month clothes ready for selling on IG, some Clarks shoes in the corner of the room and a newly attached harness on the high chair. All reminders that my baby is growing up right before my eyes. This past month she feels like she's grown up so much and (as with any development with her or Ollie) it fills me with a mixture of happiness seeing her grow and develop but also so bloody emotional that she's not my squishy newborn any more... far from it!

She's into everything. EVERYTHING. Ollie was never like this (far lazier!) so we're not used to having someone who raids the cupboards, eats the cat food and wanders off to the her bedroom to get all the toys out. Ollie got the big box of kids snacks out of the cupboard the other day and before I knew it, Elsie had tipped the box of sesame seed breadsticks onto the floor. Why the sesame seed ones?! Took forever to hoover up 😂 I'd imagine we'll have to put cupboard latches in the kitchen soon before she starts pulling everything out and causing even more havoc. This morning I had he downstairs in our room while I dried my hair and caught her climbing the bloody stairs 🙈

Teething hasn't been bad at all recently even though she's cut two more teeth this month. She's got four now (three at the bottom and one at the top) and there's two others that are close to breaking through too. As I mentioned, we've transitioned from her 9-12 clothes up to her 12-18 ones over the last few days too. I have a love/hate relationship with her moving up a clothing size. There's some outfits I could cry about her not fitting in anymore but then the blow is softened with all the gorgeous new outfits she's got in the next size up. I buy a lot in the sales and store it in the garage so luckily it never costs a bomb when she does outgrow clothes!

She's talking/babbling all the time now and can say Mama, Dada and Hiya. She's also standing really well but not quite all on her own. I wouldn't be surprised if she started walking by her next update. We've been to get her first shoes this last week from Clarks. I've had my eye on the shoes I wanted to get as her first ones for ages and I was heartbroken when they said that they'd sold out in-store and online (sad I know, but that's me!). Luckily my friend Siobhan managed to track some down on a different website so she's got them after all 💗

Elsie loves being outside. If she hears the back door open, she'll race through to get out there. She's mastered how to climb over the step to get out there too, she has no fear! We've had lots of trips to the park recently and she literally squeals with excitement when she sees the swings. We've not been to soft play since she started crawling so I think a trip is needed soon as she'll be in her element.

Time to start planning her birthday I think... 🙊


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