Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Me and Mine // May 2017

It's mine and Aled's 10 year anniversary today. 10 YEARS. How the hell did that happen?! We've known each other longer than that as we went to high school together but while we were pratting around in A Level Art class I never once thought we would end up dating. We got together the year after we left school after my friend Erika said I should text Aled to see how he is as she thought we were a good match! Since then we've been on holidays (Rhodes, Jamaica, Florida, Mexico), been to festivals (Wakestock and Glastonbury), had nights out, a bazillion meals out, had several cars, numerous hairstyles (me more than Aled, but he did grow it at one point which is always funny to look back on), bought a house, bought a cat (we actually bought two but one had to be re-homed) and most importantly made two babies. I'd love to tell you that we're spending it doing something romantic... but Aled's on nights so it's just me and my brew. Ah well!

May has been a tricky month for us all. Me going back to work has been a huge thing for us all to adjust to. For me, emotionally, it's been really tough but I can safely say I'm getting used to it all now and my anxiety levels have been so much better. Would I rather be at home with my babies? Yes, but we could never afford that so sadly I can't be. Elsie has settled into nursery brilliantly, Ollie not so much but I'm hoping he'll get better each week. He never does well with any major change in his routine but he has very supportive people around him (especially in Cylch, they're the best) to help him adjust. I'm only just starting to adjust to fitting in all the housework and general boring adult jobs around work though. Blogging has taken a huge hit but I'm hoping to get back to writing more this next month.

So what does June have in store for us? Nothing too exciting planned just yet, apart from my Mum's birthday and my Mum and Dad's anniversary too. We've got a parents meeting in Cylch to get an update on Ollie's progress this year and a parents open evening for him going to school in September too (I still can't believe we'll be buying school uniform soon). I've got two days off at the end of June though and I think we're going to visit CBeebies Land at Alton Towers or something like that to make the most of my days off. Feel free to send any family day out suggestions my way!


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