Sunday, 21 May 2017

Elsie's 9 Month Update

9 whole months of our Elsie Pie! My little girl isn't feeling like so much of a baby this past week. I know she's still only 9 months old but she's growing up so quickly. Her crawling has come on so much this month, she zooms from room to room at a record pace with an excited little giggle and the biggest smile on her face. She's loving her new found freedom to explore the house which has already resulted in her: eating the cat food, opening kitchen cupboards, almost breaking Aled's PS4, changing the channel on the Sky box 172345 times, tipping drinks over on the side table, having a sixth sense for wherever the smallest toys in Ollie's room are and immediately putting them in her mouth and her favourite past time... looking for the smallest bits of food under the dining table (don't worry, we spend most of our lives hoovering now before you think she eats 5 day old cheerios on a regular basis).

Along with the crawling, she's now able to pull herself up everywhere, which is part of the reason why she doesn't seem so much of a baby anymore. When she's standing up, she looks so much older! She likes to 'walk' (I use this term very loosely!) with me holding her hands too. Ollie was 10 months old when he started walking so I wouldn't be surprised if she was a similar age.

You may have seen the weaning update I did a couple of weeks ago and there's not been much change since I posted that really. We have had a few rough days with teething last week where she didn't really want to eat at lunch/tea times though. But I never forced her, I just offered a bottle of milk instead, which she preferred. She was soon back to eating properly though! Speaking of teething, she's had another tooth pop through this month. I did think that one of the top ones had popped through last week too but I was wrong. So she no longer looks so much of a hillbilly bless her.

She's now in nursery about 8 days a month and I can already see a change in her. As much as I hate leaving her, the interaction with other babies is priceless. She babbles so much in the car on the way home it's adorable. Plus she gets super excited when she realises I'm there to pick her up. She's started waving her hands when I sing twinkle twinkle too as they sing a lot of songs in nursery. She's never really taken to a dummy, but on her first day in nursery she kept stealing other babies' dummy! So I sent her with one the next day and she's been smitten since (especially if she's teething). I'm not bothered though, Ollie had a dummy until he was 2.5 and we never had an issue getting rid of it.

We're still using 9-12 month clothing with growing room left so hopefully the 12-18 month christmas stuff I bought in the sales will fit after all! Toy wise, she's been loving Ollie's old activity table and his activity tree too. I'm so glad I kept hold of all the old baby toys as they're so expensive to buy again! We've said goodbye to the jumperoo though (like actually sold it and not shoved it in the garage) which makes me a bit sad. Someone please get Aled to agree to baby number 3?... 🙊


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