Sunday, 21 May 2017

Conwy RSPB with the Family

My Grandma has been here this weekend, staying at my Mum and Dads. So we all had a Chinese takeaway last night and then a day out today. I was meant to cook a fakeaway last night but I was bloody knackered and didn't fancy being stuck in the kitchen for half the night to Just Eat to the rescue! For our day out, we were going to walk up Aber Falls but I think the walk would have been too much for my Grandma. So instead, we walked along to the RSPB and spent a few hours there exploring and having a picnic lunch.

I love our local RPSB. It's got a lovely sand park play area, lookout and coffee shop which is all free to enter. Then there's a trail which is £5 per adult and £2.50 per child. We don't normally pay to go around the trail but I'm glad we did today, Ollie loved it! There's a guide to spotting birds, animals and insects, bug houses, lookout spots, walkways through the reeds and wood carvings (Ollie's favourite). We came across a pine cone wooden carving seat which he loved (he picks pine cones up wherever we are so that one went down very well), a dragonfly and a frog. They have quite a few events on throughout the month too for people of all ages, hopefully Ollie will be able to join in with the insect ones when he's a bit older.

We saw the cutest little robin on the trail, he was so tame and just posed for photos, letting us get really close to him. Mum and Dad bought some binoculars from the shop when we got there and Ollie looked so funny wearing them. I told him he looked like King Thistle from Ben and Holly when he was bird spotting and found a woodpecker (mega mum points there! 🙄🙈).

Looking at the pictures from today, I can already see a bit of a difference in my appearance since starting slimming world. I've only lost 4 pounds so far but I'm almost at pre-Oliver weight now and I feel so much better for it. We actually ran our first Conwy park run yesterday morning. We got soaked thanks to the good old Welsh weather but we did it! I got a time of 36 minutes ish (forgot to stop my Strava on the finish line, rookie mistake!) which isn't fantastic but for my first run in 6 weeks and my furthest run ever, I'm more than happy. It's on every Saturday morning and I'm working the next two now so we can't take part for a few weeks but I'm going to be scheduling in some more runs during the week. It still doesn't come naturally to me but my body needs this exercise, especially now that I'm back to sitting at a desk 8-5!

Ollie has been pretty tired, bossy and stubborn this weekend (I know most toddlers are, but it's a shame he's been like that most of the weekend when it's the only full days I get to see him). After exploring the RSPB, he evicted Elsie from her pram and made himself comfy. He was asleep within five minutes bless him. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend 💗


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