Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Me and Mine // May 2017

It's mine and Aled's 10 year anniversary today. 10 YEARS. How the hell did that happen?! We've known each other longer than that as we went to high school together but while we were pratting around in A Level Art class I never once thought we would end up dating. We got together the year after we left school after my friend Erika said I should text Aled to see how he is as she thought we were a good match! Since then we've been on holidays (Rhodes, Jamaica, Florida, Mexico), been to festivals (Wakestock and Glastonbury), had nights out, a bazillion meals out, had several cars, numerous hairstyles (me more than Aled, but he did grow it at one point which is always funny to look back on), bought a house, bought a cat (we actually bought two but one had to be re-homed) and most importantly made two babies. I'd love to tell you that we're spending it doing something romantic... but Aled's on nights so it's just me and my brew. Ah well!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Annabel Karmel's Baby Led Weaning Recipe Book

The first weaning book I ever bought was by Annabel Karmel. She more than knows her stuff when it comes to weaning! I've got four of her books and love using them all, so when I was asked if I'd like to be sent her new Baby Led Weaning Recipe Book, I was so excited. I've mentioned before in Elsie's weaning updates (4-6 month and 6-8 month), we haven't really adopted one method for weaning Elsie. There is a lot of pressure on parents to commit to either spoon feeding or baby led weaning. You can almost feel anxious to share with others which method you're using in case of any negative comments or judgement. The fact is, it should be what works for you. And what works for us is a mixture of both types. Annabel Karmel champions this, ensuring that there's plenty of recipes out there for you to try and see what your baby prefers. After all, they are all so very different (couldn't be more true when looking at Oliver and Elsie!).

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Conwy RSPB with the Family

My Grandma has been here this weekend, staying at my Mum and Dads. So we all had a Chinese takeaway last night and then a day out today. I was meant to cook a fakeaway last night but I was bloody knackered and didn't fancy being stuck in the kitchen for half the night to Just Eat to the rescue! For our day out, we were going to walk up Aber Falls but I think the walk would have been too much for my Grandma. So instead, we walked along to the RSPB and spent a few hours there exploring and having a picnic lunch.

Elsie's 9 Month Update

9 whole months of our Elsie Pie! My little girl isn't feeling like so much of a baby this past week. I know she's still only 9 months old but she's growing up so quickly. Her crawling has come on so much this month, she zooms from room to room at a record pace with an excited little giggle and the biggest smile on her face. She's loving her new found freedom to explore the house which has already resulted in her: eating the cat food, opening kitchen cupboards, almost breaking Aled's PS4, changing the channel on the Sky box 172345 times, tipping drinks over on the side table, having a sixth sense for wherever the smallest toys in Ollie's room are and immediately putting them in her mouth and her favourite past time... looking for the smallest bits of food under the dining table (don't worry, we spend most of our lives hoovering now before you think she eats 5 day old cheerios on a regular basis).

Monday, 15 May 2017

Siblings Project // May 2017

May 2017's Sibling Project photos will forever be remembered as the time I wanted to take some stereotypical IG bluebell photos... but failed 😂🙈 I've seen so many people take beautiful photos in bluebell fields and forests this month and wanted to do the same. So I googled where to find one and saw that Coed y Gopa in Abergele had a bluebell forest. So on Saturday afternoon, I packed a bag, got the kids ready and roped my Dad in for help and set off for a walk in the baking heat. It took us 30-45 minutes to get to the bluebell forest and although there were bluebells, it wasn't the picturesque scene I'd imagined. Nevertheless, we took some photos and really enjoyed the walk (the views were unreal).
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