Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Siblings Project // April 2017

The bond between these two is getting stronger and stronger every month. This last month has seen their bond really grow as they've interacted more than ever. Plus now that Elsie's crawling, she really can join in the fun (even when Oliver's not keen on her doing so!). Oliver is really embracing the big brother role this last month, when Elsie's crying he goes up to her and says 'It's ok Elsie, don't cry Elsie' and wipes her tears away. It's the cutest thing ever, along with when he tells me he loves her. He also likes to 'read' books to her, in his own little way. Don't get me wrong, sometimes he's all about taking books off him but it's lovely when he wants to show her a book. Her little face lights up when he talks to her, or goes to give her a kiss. Plus he's started copying all the little sounds that she makes (especially when they're in the bath) which Elsie finds hilarious. Sibling love for sure!

Now that Elsie is on the move, no toy is safe from her! I've had to sort through a lot of Ollie's toys to make sure all the little ones are out of reach because she'll put them straight in her mouth. Her favourite toy to go after though is a jigsaw... much to Ollie's annoyance 😂🙈 she literally makes a beeline for the pieces and Ols totally freaks out and tries to throw a different toy in front of her to distract her. It's pretty funny to watch but he wouldn't agree. With her being more mobile, Ollie has taken to pulling her over on the floor.... a lot. It doesn't look very gentle or fun but Elsie does seem to like it as she smiles and giggles but there are occasions when it all gets a bit too rough and we've had to get him to stop.

He's started sharing food with her too, now that she eats a lot of finger foods. If he's got some breadsticks, he'll give her a piece and when she's eyeing up his toast, he breaks a bit off for her. I took this months photos on our new trampoline. It was a present for them both from my Mum and Dad and it's the best thing ever. It helps with tiring Ollie out with his never-ending energy source and its also the best playpen ever for Elsie as she can't get out! A few people have asked me which one we've got and it's this one from Argos.


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