Saturday, 15 April 2017

Oliver and Elsie's Easter Boxes

So here are Oliver and Elsie's finished Easter boxes! I'm not giving them to them until tomorrow morning but they're all ready. Huge thank you to my Dad for making the boxes (we've now got white ones for Easter, red ones for Christmas and some plain ones for Halloween which I'll be painting orange later this year). I've done an Easter box for Ollie every year now and I love that it's becoming a little tradition. They don't cost much to do, Oliver's comes to about £10 and Elsie's came to about £20 (hers cost more as I already had Oliver's yellow bunny from a couple of years ago).

Just because Elsie is only 7 (nearly 8) months old, doesn't mean that she can't join in with the Easter fun! Although she will be having her first taste of chocolate this weekend, there's plenty of non-chocolate goodies you could put in a basket for babies (have a look at my previous blog post for any ideas for future Easter boxes). So in Elsie's box there's...
  • 'Rabbit's Don't Lay Eggs' book
  • 'What the Ladybird Heard Next' board book
  • Bunny Ears
  • Organic Carrot Rice Cakes
  • Heinz Chocolate Biscotti
  • Jellycat Pink Rattle Bunny
  • Thornton's White Chocolate Egg
  • Heartfelt Handmade Felt Bunny
And then it's all been put in a wooden box with shredded tissue paper at the bottom and a tag on the front from Button Box Cards. I can't wait to take some pictures of her with her bunny ears on tomorrow (and maybe her gorgeous new tutu from Bob and Blossom too 🙊) and see what she does think of chocolate. I'd imagine she'll love it (like everything else we put in front of her 😂) but Oliver is still a definite no on the whole chocolate thing!

Oliver's box has the same wooden box, tissue paper and gift tag on the front. Then it contains...
  • 'Oi Dog' book (I know it's not Easter related but he loves Oi Frog so we wanted to get the next one!)
  • Peppa Pig Easter Sticker Book
  • 'Paint Your Own Easter Eggs' Kit
  • Easter Shaped Marshmallows
  • Jelly Carrots
  • Thornton's Gruffalo Egg
  • Heartfelt Handmade Felt Easter Bunny
I can't wait for him to get his Easter box and see everything! He loves sticker books at the moment so the Peppa Pig one will go down very well. His Auntie Leanne got him a Gruffalo egg the other day and he was so excited bless him (literally ripped it out of the packaging on first sight) but just carried it around like a prized possession as he won't eat it. Mummy and Daddy will definitely be helping him out with eating his chocolate eggs!


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