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Must Haves // Newborn Baby

I've done a couple of these style blog posts before now (a pregnancy one and a hospital bag one) but I'll just say again that I'm in no way saying you must have these products, but they were must haves for me personally. So here's my top 11 newborn baby buys...

1. Ewan the Dream Sheep

We were late to buy a Ewan with Ollie, I think he was about 5 weeks old when we got one. I know that's not that old, but it's best to have one from birth so they can get used to it as soon as possible. With Elsie, it was one of the first things I bought once I found out I was pregnant again. Ewan has always been a life saver for us, they've both loved him! Ollie even started to switch it on himself to self settle back to sleep in the night once he got to about 18 months.

Each leg has a button in it that plays a different sound which lasts for 20 minutes. We've always used the harp music and they've both liked that one. To get them used to it, I switch it on the second they go in their moses basket/cot for a nap or nighttime sleep (even if they're already asleep). They do them in two different colours now (Ollie had the purple but Elsie has the new grey colour as it matches her nursery), you can buy them from Amazon.

2. Kokoso Cream

Kokoso isn't something that was available when Oliver was a baby and I wish it bloody was! I can remember so vividly when he shed his newborn skin in that first week or so that I'd broken him or something. No one had told me that it would happen and I was so embarrassed that anyone would notice it. I found out when he was much older that it was something that naturally happened, but Kokoso would have helped out massively. 

Kokoso is a coconut oil and I've used it on Elsie since she was a couple of days old and haven't even looked at using anything else. It's helps keep her skin amazingly soft and smells amazing. I also use it on my hands as I suffer from eczema when I'm a bit stressed and it clears it up within a day or two. You can buy it direct from Kokoso themselves.

3. Tiba and Marl Changing Bag

I've mentioned briefly on Instagram that I've got a Tiba and Marl changing bag. I've had it a few months now and will be doing a full review of it soon but it's the best changing bag I've had (and it's my third). I had a Babymel changing bag when I first had Ollie but I soon grew to hate it once I started actually using it (could hardly fit a thing in it, so awkward). Then Aled bought me a Storksak Elizabeth tan changing bag when Ollie was about 5 months old. It was amazing, and still is three years later! It fits so much in and is bloody beautiful but once Elsie came along I soon realised I needed something bigger and preferably hands free.

So I saw a couple of people with Tiba and Marl bags on Instagram and fell in love! It fits in so much baby/toddler/mummy things and is so comfortable to wear, freeing up my hands which is perfect for life with two littles. It can be easily wiped down, has a matching changing mat and insulated bottle holder in one of the compartments. There's a few different prints but mine is the floral version.

4. Tummy Time Toy

When buying for a baby, especially your first, I think you get so caught up in getting the pram, car seat, clothing and everything in between that you don't think about toys. Not that babies need many toys, but it's nice to have a few things ready for when they start being a bit more awake and aware of their surroundings in the day. I've always liked having a few Lamaze toys for Oliver and Elsie but they both loved using their tummy time toy from Mamas and Papas. It's lovely and soft and perfect for supporting them during tummy time so they can build up some strength to hold their head up.

5. Milestone Cards

I'd highly recommend getting some milestone cards to document your babies physical and developmental milestones in their first year. I think it's a lovely idea and you end up with some great photos by the end of the year to look back on and see how much they've grown (and then sob about how they're not a baby any more). I bought these milestone cards when I was newly pregnant with Elsie but if I was to get some again I'd probably buy these ones from Eleanor Mary Designs.

6. Perfect Prep Machine

I breastfed Ollie for 3 days before switching to formula. I was aware of the Perfect Prep machine but held off on buying one as it was a lot of money. After a couple of weeks of using the kettle (and then a 2am feed with no cooled boiled water and a screaming baby) I took the plunge and ordered one. It's been one of the best baby buys we've had! It's like a coffee machine for babies. If you've never seen one working, you just pop the bottle under the machine, it dispenses a hot shot of water which you then add the formula to, shake it then put it back under for the rest of the cold water to be added. Once you give it a final shake it's ready to be fed at the perfect temperature!

I know there was some bad press with the Perfect Prep machine a couple of months ago with the pipes being mouldy but ours is perfectly fine and we've had the same one for Ollie and Elsie. I've always made sure that the filters get changed regularly though and done the full cleaning cycle when it's prompted me to. You can buy them in so many shops now, but the cheapest I can find is John Lewis.

7. Unmumsy Mum Book

I bloody love the Unmumsy Mum, aka Sarah Turner. She's hilarious! The Unmumsy Mum book is the perfect buy for a new mummy. It's such a funny and comforting read as Sarah talks about all the things that a lot of people are too scared to discuss in case of embarrassment or judgement, but can totally relate to.

8. Sophie the Giraffe

Are you even a parent if you don't have a Sophie?!... ­čśé jokes aside, we love Sophie. The poor thing gets chewed to death bless her. We've got the normal one but for younger babies I prefer the Sophie teething ring as it's easier for them to grab and keep a hold of. Plus it's smaller to pop in your changing bag.

9. Solly Baby Wrap

I've done a full review of the Solly Baby Wrap before if you wanted to have a read. I would have been lost without my Solly wrap when Elsie was a newborn, mostly to free up my hands to entertain Ollie but on the velcro baby days it was a life saver. I'd definitely look into getting one if you're expecting a second baby (or third, fourth... you get the idea). Plus the bond is amazing, I just love how snuggly it is to have your baby that close

10. Angel Care Bath Support

I really struggled to find a good bath support when Ollie was a baby. I don't really like baby baths, I'd rather bath them in the actual bath. So Ollie had this hard plastic moulded seat for lying in... which he hated. I think it was the coldness of the plastic. So after a week or two my mum suggested putting a towel on the support so it wasn't as cold, which he then loved! So when I saw the Angel Care bath supports, I bought one straight away. They're perfect! The sizing is great (Elsie had plenty of room in hers and she was a big baby), they don't need to be suckered onto the bath so easy to remove after each bath time and all of the holes in the flexible support allow the water to flow through keeping baby nice and warm and helping them to enjoy bath time. You can get them in pink or blue from Amazon.

11. Muslin Swaddle

Gotta love a muslin swaddle. We went through tonnes of muslin squares when Ollie was a baby (he was pretty sicky until about 8 months) but I've only had the large muslin swaddles with Elsie. They are so handy to have in your changing bag. They're perfect for swaddling, using as a sunshield, a play mat, privacy throw for breastfeeding and so much more. The most popular brand are Aiden and Anais (which I was lucky enough to get some from my friend at my baby shower), but they are pretty expensive. So these ones from Amazon would be my next choice. They are so soft and I love the prints they do, especially the XOXO one.

I hope these products help you if you're thinking of things to get for a new arrival, or maybe even a gift for a friends baby shower! :)


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