Monday, 3 April 2017

Mothers Day 2017

I know Mother's Day was a week ago now but we took some lovely photos that day and it seems a shame not to share them! We were going to have lunch round at my Mum's for Mother's Day but changed our minds last minute and managed to book a table at our local pub, the Station Hotel, for the afternoon. It's not our first choice but we didn't have many options with only two days to go. The meal was lovely (not instagrammable though, they aren't the best at presenting food!), I had pate to start and steak as main. We popped to a different pub, the Mulberry, in the morning though for Ollie to have a look at the boats and play in the park area. Mum and Dad actually had breakfast their too, which looked amazing. I ordered Ollie some toast, which he said he wanted but then threw a wobbler when I put butter on it. How stupid of me, it's not like he'd already had a slice of toast that morning with butter on. Toddlers.

It was the perfect light for taking some photos where we were sat in the Mulberry so I got Dad to take some of me, Mum and the kids and I love them. It's such a shame Aled was working last weekend as we could have taken some photos with him too. He did get me some beautiful flowers though, along with the new Unmumsy Mum book and a card. Ollie had made me a framed picture and card in Cylch for Mother's Day too which was lovely. I was hoping he'd be off with it being my first Mother's Day as a mummy of two (still can't quite believe we have two little munchkins sometimes!) but he couldn't get it off.

I borrowed all the old albums from Mum and Dad's house a couple of weeks ago so I could scan in some old photos of me and Mum. I love looking through old photos and I'm lucky that my Mum always took plenty (definitely a trait thats passed onto me!). These are some of my favourites 💗 looking through them it became apparent that I spent 1998 to 2003 dressed like a boy though, definitely not prepared to share any of those photos! 

I would be lost without my Mum. I still look to her for comfort when I'm poorly or need to ask something about the kids or just want somebody to talk to. We're both very independent people and have had our fair share of disagreements when I was a teenager (my god I wish I could go back and tell the younger me to shut up sometimes!) but that's all a part of growing up and I love her so bloody much. She does so much for me and the kids and nothing is too much of a trouble. 

If you're local to the area or visit Conwy at all, the Mulberry is a lovely place to visit. It's right on the marina so the views are amazing, especially on a beautiful day like last Sunday. I've been there for food a couple of times and enjoyed it (the service can be pretty slow though). They do the standard pub food choices with some lovely burgers, steaks and plank pizzas on the menu. Ollie loves playing on their boat play area at the side of the pub. It's completely fenced in which is handy and is perfect for him to have a play while the adults have a drink... or two!



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