Saturday, 1 April 2017

Me and Mine // March 2017

What a month. I know this month's Me and Mine photos are a bit late but I've been playing catch up for the last 10 days. The news that Mum's got breast cancer hit me like a brick wall. I was a mess the first few days, not physically but mentally. My mum has been so optimistic and brave since the second she got the news, she's an absolute star. However I took the news badly, more because your parents always seem invincible to you. They're never meant to get sick right?! It's the realisation that one day my Mum or Dad will/might get ill that I couldn't deal with. Luckily I have a bloody amazing guy by my side and the best friends to talk it out (and ugly cry it out, sorry about that Aled!) and get me back on track. So I've been feeling much better since last Saturday but the last 10 days have been a bit of a blur to be honest.

Mum's operation went ahead on Thursday and was a success! So now it's just time for her to rest and recover from that before we go back for results in a couple of weeks. A huge thank you to everyone for their messages of support and well wishes, it means the world. I know we're not over it yet but we will kick it's butt!

So this month we took our family photos out in the garden. Starting to get the hang of setting the timer for a burst of photos to be taken but most of the time either me or Aled are making a stupid face trying to get the kids to smile or laugh. But it's all part of the fun and I'm loving the little collection of family photos we're starting to build up. Speaking of the garden, we are slowly getting there with sorting it out. We've been in our house for just over 5 years now and the garden was at it's peak a couple of years ago really. But with me being pregnant last year it got totally neglected. We just need to lay some turf down around the border of the lawn where plants used to be and pray for some warmer weather so the grass doesn't squelch into mud the second you walk on it. We're still undecided of whether to get a big climbing frame for the kids too, why do they have to be so expensive?!

This is my last month of maternity leave now, so I'm hoping for as much family time as we can get. We've got a couple of days out planned but the weather is going to need to play ball for them to be a success! I keep getting asked if I'm looking forward to going back to work. It's a tricky one. I enjoy my job and I will be glad of the 'break' (I hate that term but it is knackering looking after the two of them) and some daily adult conversation. But I go from one extreme to the other. From spending every minute of the day with them to leaving them at 7:45am and returning at 5:15pm five days a week. It's tough but it has to be done to pay the bills and I'm sure I'll get used to it after a few weeks.

So here's to April, please be good to us :)


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