Sunday, 30 April 2017

Me and Mine // April 2017

These family photos are going to take a lot more planning from now on! I'm back in work on Tuesday and with Aled working shifts, it's going to be too easy to forget about our Me and Mine photos. We took this months photos on a rainy trip up to Aber Falls on Thursday. I wasn't actually going to use these as our Me and Mine photos but our plans to take some pictures today have been completely ruined by our my hangover. A night in watching the boxing and having pizza and a couple of drinks with friends turned out to be a bit of a late one and I definitely can't hack it any more. But we had a great night so it's all worth it... I think!

For our pregnancy announcement with Elsie bump I said that our crazy family is gaining a new member and I couldn't be wrong with our photo this month. Me and Aled are both a bit mental and I definitely don't feel like I'm old (or responsible) enough to have two children sometimes! But I bloody love our little tribe. Family days out with us four are my favourite. Yes they can be chaotic and a bit stressful at times but watching Oliver explore and learn new things makes me so proud. And Elsie loves looking around (she's super nosey!) and the picnics... obviously 😂🙈

This next month is going to be a big change for our little family. Childcare is different each day for us due to Aled's shifts so it's tricky to keep track of, and I'm going to be cream crackered adjusting back to full time work and then sorting the kids and house out in the evenings. But with Aled by my side we'll soon get used to it all. I know that sounds really soppy but I truly would be lost without him. I had my first negative comment on IG and on my blog this weekend (thank you to the woman who called me an idiot) and I knew it would happen at some point but Aled's not letting it get to me. It's simple really; if you don't like how I parent my children or live my life, then please don't follow me or read my blog. There's no need to leave negative comments. Luckily, there are far more of you that leave nice comments and messages, so thank you 😘

Ollie wasn't really up for walking up Aber Falls on Thursday, it probably wasn't the best idea straight after playgroup as he's always tired. But he learnt that sitting on our shoulders is actually fun (plus way comfier for us than just carrying him, he's pretty heavy now!). It was lovely and quiet up there though and it was dry for most of the trip. It was Elsie's second time going there but still hans't actually seen the waterfall as she was asleep again bless her. I've written about Aber Falls before if you're local and ever fancied a trip up there.


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