Sunday, 16 April 2017

Hoppy Easter Every Bunny!

Happy Easter! I've absolutely loved Easter this year. I don't know whether it's the fact that Aled's been off work or that Oliver's understood whats going on or that I've had a beautiful baby girl to dress up as a bunny 🐰💗 I got Elsie's new tutu from Freddie Loves. It's a Bob and Blossom one and I've wanted to buy one for a while. My plan was to give it to Elsie for her birthday so she could wear it for her party but it's far too gorgeous to store away until then! It's totally worth the money, the quality is amazing with plenty of layers and a lovely satin bow at the front. They do a few different colours, this is the Vintage Pink but I like the grey and mint options too. I'll definitely be buying more of them when she's older.

We started the day off with giving the kids their Easter baskets (which Oliver loved, Elsie was more bothered about the shredded paper on the floor!). Ollie went straight for the Gruffalo egg, which I knew he would but he thinks it's a toy so just carries it around 🙈 So we've had to tell him that the Gruffalo needs to go to sleep in the cupboard.... then eat him once he's in bed (it's ok, he doesn't like chocolate in case you didn't know). Elsie's had her first taste of chocolate this weekend which she absolutely loved! I had a feeling she would (after all she does love her food) and I wasn't wrong, she keeps crawling over to grab any chocolate boxes/packets and swiped my chocolate egg off the table at lunch when I wasn't looking earlier. Little monkey!

I am so so proud of how much Oliver has learnt over the last few months. A huge credit to Cylch Meithryn for encouraging him to join in with the craft sessions without pushing him, and we've been gently trying to coax him into crafty tasks at home too. But today he sat with me at the table for nearly an hour doing his Peppa Pig activity book and 'decorate your own eggs' kit. He literally did every page of the activity book (even the colouring in parts, which he normally hates!) and understood all the activities in the book too. He found painting the eggs absolutely hilarious, god knows why but we were both in stitches by the end of it. He's growing up so quickly now 😍💙

After Elsie's lunchtime nap we headed over to my Mum and Dad's for a roast lamb dinner. The sun actually made an appearance when we got there and Ollie asked to go out and play with the sandpit straight away. He always insists on taking his socks and trousers off though 🤣😂 thankfully I managed to persuade him to keep his undies on today. Elsie also had some fun in the garden... pulling my hair (her favourite past time). I'm hoping the sunshine will make an appearance this week as we've got another week until Ollie is back in playgroup and we need outdoor days to tire him out!

It was my Mum who wanted me to take my camera around to their house today so we could get a family photo. Stupid me forgot the tripod though so we had to make do with a photo of me, Mum, Dad and the kids and then a separate one of me, Aled and the kids. They turned out well though so I'm so glad she asked me to bring it! Maybe we should make the photographer hold a piece of chocolate in future so Elsie will look at the camera 😂

Before we sat down for our roast dinner we headed over to the park with Ollie for a play before it started to rain. There's a park on the field right at the back of Mum and Dad's house which Ollie calls the 'Nana park' which is handy. He had a play on the swing, roundabout and slide, bossed me and Aled about (shocker 🙄) and then picked some daisies on the walk back to the house. I actually managed to get some nice pictures of him smiling (and looking!) at the camera. Which makes a refreshing change of the 'cheese' face he often pulls, which I know is cute too.

The roast dinner made by Mum was amazing, as usual! I never cook lamb really as it's pretty expensive (especially when it's only for me and Aled) so it's always a treat to have it when we go round to Mum and Dad's. That or brisket, which is heavenly 😍 I actually managed to cut my thumb badly when I was cutting Ollie's potatoes open (which he didn't eat anyway) with a steak knife. It's been killing since and I'm too scared to take the plaster off in case I catch the nail in my sleep. Two c-sections with no issues but one little cut to my thumb and I'm a right fairy 🙈 Elsie had an Ella's Kitchen Lamb Dinner pouch and then had a yorkshire pudding as some finger food to keep her entertained at the table. She also learnt how to pick up her juice cup and bang it down on the table, which she found hilarious bless her.

Anyway, enough of me rambling on. I hope you've had a lovely Easter too... here's to starting the diet for the 10923847th time in the morning!


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