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Elsie's Weaning Journey 6-8 Months

I thought I'd do an update on Elsie's weaning journey now that she's 8 months old and eating a whole new range of foods compared to her previous update. I'm absolutely loving weaning Elsie! She loves everything, which obviously makes weaning a lot easier in the first place but it's not just that, she actually has an interest in food and is always excited at meal times. Looking back at weaning Ollie (you can't help but compare them to their sibling), he had no real interest in food. He was never that bothered about finger food and soon became picky with spoon fed meals and just got progressively worse since then. I didn't do much differently with him though, but I can be far more creative with Elsie because she'll try anything instead of examine it to death first like Ollie would/still does. I swear he looks at me like I'm trying to poison him if I put homemade spaghetti bolognese in front of him. No lie.

So, what have we tried since she turned six months?... lots! Obviously reaching six months old means that babies can eat absolutely anything (ok, maybe not a vindaloo), apart from honey. So we've introduced poultry, meat, fish, cheese, pasta, rice, finger foods and so much more to Elsie's diet. This has all been done using a combination of spoon feeding and baby led weaning. I'm not keen on just doing one or the other, I think it's fun and easier to use the two methods and means we get the best of both worlds.

I love to make a lot of Elsie's meals myself. It does take a lot of time but I enjoy cooking and all of the meals are cooked in batches so the freezer gets stocked up. I mainly use the Annabel Karmel Weaning book for meal ideas, which I've had since Ollie was a baby. It's packed with a great variation of recipes and they're so easy to make. I also do a few recipes from the Ella's Kitchen First Foods too. Using all the same equipment that I mentioned in my previous update, these past two months I've cooked...
  • Sweet potato with broccoli and peas
  • Potato, carrot and sweetcorn
  • Cheesy leek, sweet potato and cauliflower
  • Tomato and butternut squash pasta
  • Salmon and corn chowder
  • Cod with butternut squash and cheese sauce
  • Spinach and cod puree (this one tastes amazing!)
  • Chicken and parsnip puree
  • Mild chicken and apricot curry (One of the only proper meals Ollie eats too)
  • Beef casserole with sweet potato and apple
  • Apple and blueberry compote
  • Annabels tasty bolognese
The above dishes are all from the Annabel Karmel book, and then the only one I've made from the Ella's Kitchen book is 'Full of beans pork and peppers'. You might have noticed that there's only one sweet puree in the list, it's because I find it just as easy to get the Organix fruit pots and Ella's Kitchen puddings from the shops. For the pasta dishes, I buy the tiny little pasta shells from Boots which are the perfect size for introducing texture. If Elsie is eating pasta with us though, she'll just have normal sized spirals which she can grab.

We don't often eat together as a family. We do try to as often as possible but Aled works 12 hour shifts so it's tricky. If we are eating all together though, I've tried to give Elsie whatever we're having. For example, she's had lasagne, cottage pie, roast dinner and a pasta dish with us. For the roast dinner and pasta dish, I just let her feed herself, but with the lasagne and cottage pie, I used this handy food masher to make them a smoother texture for her to eat and just spoon fed them to her.

A lot of people have asked me what type of foods we give Elsie, so here are a few ideas that I can think of...

  • Heinz porridge (the blueberry one is her favourite)
  • Weetabix with whole milk
  • Toast with butter
  • Sesame seed bagel with peanut butter
  • Pancakes and nutella
  • Banana
  • Petit filous yoghurt
  • Ella's Kitchen baby brekkie
  • Crumpet with butter
  • Pitta bread with humus
  • Sandwiches (ham, cheese, tuna, philedelphia or dairylea)
  • Cucumber sticks
  • Tomato slices
  • Eggy bread
  • Scrambled egg
  • Spaghetti hoops
  • Cheese toast
  • Ella's Kitchen melty puffs
  • Organic rice cakes
  • Strawberries (cut up small enough)
  • Grapes (cut up into tiny pieces... always always cut grapes up, even Ollie still has them cut. Aled's heard of too many cases in work where children have choked on a grape 😔)
  • Breadsticks
  • Ham and cheese omelette
For snacks, we've tried up some of the Heavenly Pumpkin Wafer Wisps (these are suitable from 6 months and great for teething babies too) and Heinz biscotti (there's a few different flavours to choose from). She's also had her first BBQ and a taste of ice cream too.

Elsie always has her beaker of water with every meal (she has a Munchkin miracle 360 cup) and loves drinking lots of water. Thankfully she seems to take after Aled in that aspect! I'm terrible for drinking water and Ollie is too most of the time so I'm glad she's like Al.

As far as routine goes, Elsie wakes up between 7 and 8am, has a 6oz bottle when she wakes and then her breakfast at 8ish, followed by a morning nap at 9am. She dropped her 11am bottle a couple of weeks ago. Then she has lunch at midday, followed by her lunchtime nap. Sometimes she has a 6oz bottle at 3pm but we're pretty close to dropping that one too. Then she has tea at 5pm, bath at 6:20pm, 6oz bottle and bed! It's a routine that's worked for us since Ollie was a baby, but they are all different.

I've had a few messages and emails about weaning in general and any tips I could give. I can only go off the experience I've had with our two little ones, and every baby is so so very different. So the best bit of advice I can give is to relax and let them lead you really. At this age, as long as they are getting their milk, food is a bonus really. If they aren't fussed about a meal then try not to get worked up and worry that they hate it or that they'll go to bed hungry. FYI, that was me when Ollie was this age. When in reality he was chubbier than Elsie and was most definitely going to waste away with all the milk he guzzled! But it is easier said than done, especially when you've got excited making a meal for them from scratch and then it all ends up going in the bin. It can take a few tries of the same dish for them to like it and teething plays a big part in mealtimes too. There has been the odd meal where Elsie has got frustrated with teething half way through so we've just abandoned the meal and taken her mind off it with toys or a cuddle instead. (I will do a post soon about the ups and downs of having a fussy eater to cater for. It's no fun and although I haven't got any miracles to deal with it, it's nice to hear that someone else might be/is in the same situation).

So I hope you've enjoyed reading up on our latest weaning update and I've not rambled on too much. If there's anything I've missed off or you'd like to know then just message me on IG or email me (  I'll probably do another one at 11 or 12 months now as not much will change between now and then really. The fun starts when she'll want to spoon feed herself... 😂🙈



  1. Who in the right mind gives their baby Nutella! Some women will be reading this thinking that that's fine! You are an absolute idiot. The stuff is basically pure sugar and of no nutritional value. And on your other post saying it's better starting off weaning with "basic flavours", that advice is outdated and a load of nonsense . and spaghetti hoops, you seen the crap that's in them. Think it's better for your followers if you don't give it weaning advise

    1. Maybe she should start giving out some advice about grammar and spelling to you Babe Capbell? The blogger has never claimed to be an expert - she is a normal Mummy trying her best, like most of us.
      Spaghetti hoops - yes, some of them are full of sugar and salt, but once in a while, they're a lifesaver, especially to a working mum. Have you seen all the homemade meals she makes? Have you seen her two awesome children? I thinks she's doing just fine, without insulting comments like yours.
      How dare you call someone an idiot. You wouldn't be doing that to her face, I bet. So easy to be insulting online Babe Capbell.


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