Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Elsie's 8 Month Update

So our Elsie Pie is now 8 months old and boy has she learnt some tricks this month! I'm not sure what she weighs or measures at the moment, I really should pop down to the clinic to get her weighed soon, but we are well and truly into 9-12 clothing. The odd 9-12 outfit is a little bit tight to be honest but there's plenty of growing room in most of them. I have my eye on a few new pieces of clothing from Zara for her at the moment, their summer range is just beautiful.

So the biggest thing Elsie's learnt this month is how to crawl! She has been on the verge of doing it for a month now but she finally figured it out last Thursday. Since then she's been doing more each day and will now venture off to the kitchen from the lounge to have a nosey. However it's opened up a whole load of dangers (which I knew it would) as Oliver has so many little toys that she pops into her mouth without thinking about it, plus she's already been caught eating the dry cat food (which has now had to be moved to outside for now) and we are having to make sure we've shut the gate at the top of the stairs all the time as we're so used to leaving it open now. The trouble is that our house is upside down (our bedroom, ensuite and garage are downstairs and then all the other rooms are upstairs) so she's always at the top of the stairs hence why we need to keep to closed!

She's also learnt how to clap hands which is really cute and makes me very proud as Ollie was much older when he learnt things like clapping his hands, waving, pointing etc. I'll be intrigued to see if her speech develops quicker than his did, not that it's an issue now as I can't shut him up these days 😂 She also dances, which Ollie never really did. She sort of shakes her head from side to side and then shuffles her body too (I posted a video on Instagram of her doing it the other day). She seems to do it when there's music on and when she's eating (takes after her mummy and obviously enjoys eating that much she wants to dance!).

Food wise she's doing amazingly. I'll doing a weaning update in the next week now that we've tried so many different purees, meals, snacks and finger foods. Obviously what helps with all this finger food is teeth... which she now has one of! Aled keeps calling her a little hillbilly (but a cute one, obviously) as it's nearly fully grown but no others have popped through. She's been struggling at night for the last week though as we're back to doing two bottles, normally at 11ish and 4/5ish. Luckily she goes straight back to sleep after a bottle so I can't complain too much (and I know there's much much worse sleepers) but it's still tiring as no one likes unbroken sleep.

We've managed to have a lot more time outside this past month with the weather improving. Elsie loves going on the swings at the park (should never have sold Ollie's old swing!), sitting on the grass and playing in the sand... and eating it. She's had her first BBQ and first Easter too. Sadly, I go back to work on May 2nd and I feel like I'm going to miss out on so much. I absolutely love waking her up in the morning, choosing an outfit for the day, picking what she has for lunch and watching her enjoy eating it, playing, learning, laughing. Obviously not just her, I'm going to miss Oliver so much too as he cracks me up every day. He's bonkers but his imagination is unreal at the moment and I love watching him play with his kitchen and cars and reenacting all sorts of parts from Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. I'm so bloody emotional about it all and just hoping I'll soon get used to it.


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