Monday, 24 April 2017

Ella's Kitchen Baby Brekkie

Ella's Kitchen sent us some more goodies to try out a couple of weeks ago. This time, they sent a bag of the Carrot and Parsnip Melty Puffs and a bunch of the new Baby Brekkie range (not sure how new they are, but they weren't around when Ollie was weaning). As always, they were packaged up in a fun box with shredded paper (which the kids always love playing with afterwards.... not so fun for Mummy to tidy up though 😂). The products themselves are always so colourful and exciting too, we couldn't wait to try them out!

The baby brekkie range consists of three different flavours, all in handy to use pouches. There's Blueberry & Pear, Mango and Banana. When I saw that they'd sent these to us, I immediately thought that they would be perfect for popping in Elsie's bag when she goes to stay at my Mum and Dad's or when I drop her off there early in the morning when I'm working. They also saved the day when we were a bit too hungover to adult the other morning too... 🙄

They don't need to be heated up at all, so can just be squeezed straight onto a spoon and fed. They're 100% organic but do contain milk (I've had a few people ask this due to intolerances). If you're little one has only just started weaning, the pouch can be kept in the fridge if there's some left over (we used to do this with Elsie's savoury pouches when she was around 6 months, but she finishes the whole thing now). So we've tried all three flavours now and I think the Blueberry & Pear one is probably the favourite, although Elsie has enjoyed all of them!

The range of melty puffs that Ella's Kitchen do are a huge hit with Elsie, she gets so excited when she sees them on her plate at lunch time bless her. I've already mentioned on a previous blog post that we like them, but if you're little one hasn't tried them before, I'd highly recommend them as a snack for babies just starting their finger food journey. They're big enough for them to grab and just melt away in their mouths so no need to worry about them choking. I tend to give these to Elsie at lunch if she's having a sandwich as Ollie has proper crisps but I don't want her to have those just yet.

These opinions are all my own, I haven't been paid for them, I do just genuinely love the Ella's Kitchen brand. They have a great range of pouches for spoon feeding and then a perfect range of snacks and smoothies for baby led weaning too. I know they can be expensive, so I tend to buy them from Asda as they always have offers on there.


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