Monday, 3 April 2017

Easter Box Ideas

I love doing a little Easter Box for Oliver (and now Elsie too!). I do them a box at Easter, Halloween and Christmas as a little gift and I hope it's a tradition that stays with our family. It doesn't have to cost a lot and is nicer than just giving mounds and mounds of chocolate. Plus, Oliver hates chocolate (I know, what a weirdo 😂) so it's always been pointless buying him tonnes of eggs. I thought I'd share a few ideas of how to put an Easter box together and some gifts to put inside...

1. Easter Themed Books

I love buying books for the kids. We've got loads but I always buy them when they're on offer in Asda/Tesco, the Book People or Amazon so it doesn't cost as much. The selection in Waterstones is always amazing though but a bit expensive. There's so many Easter related books available including Peter Rabbit, Thomas the Tank, In the Night Garden, That's not my Lamb, Spot's First Easter and That's not Funny Bunny

2. The Box Itself

I can't quite show you pictures of Oliver and Elsie's Easter boxes as I'm waiting for my Dad to make the wooden crates (hint hint Dad... 😜) but if you aren't lucky enough to have someone to make one for you then Hobbycraft sell a perfect wooden crate for only £8. I would buy one from there myself but if we do end up having another baby, I can get Dad to make another box where as Hobbycraft ay not sell the same one then. And everything has to match, I'm a proper weirdo like that! I buy shredded paper to line the boxes and then put a yellow ribbon like this one around the outside.

3. Felt Bunny

I bought Oliver a felt bunny from Heartfelt Handmade for his Easter box a couple of years ago and I'm so glad that Marie still makes them! I've ordered Elsie one last week in pink to match his yellow one. I love so many of the things that Marie makes, Elsie's circle bunting in her bedroom is from there and I'm thinking of getting her a Unicorn wreath and a Unicorn clip holder from there for her birthday.

4 & 5. Beatrix Potter Cutlery & Dominoes

If like me you have a little one who doesn't like chocolate, it's nice to get a little gift that relates to Easter that they would actually want/use. This Beatrix Potter cutlery set and dominoes set are perfect for chocolate hating toddlers like mine!

6. Peppa Pig Sticker Book

Ollie loves a sticker book, like seriously it's one of the few things that actually hold his attention for more than a minute. This Peppa Pig sticker book is perfect for Easter boxes. We actually bought the same one last year but he understands the puzzles more now so I've bought it again for this year.

7. Chocolate and Sweets

The staple of an Easter Box... the chocolates (and sweets)! I always buy Ollie a little egg (they never go to waste with me and Aled about) and this year I've got him a Gruffalo egg by Thorntons from Asda. I know he'll go mad for it, maybe it'll make him try it?! I've also got him some jelly carrots and some easter shaped marshmallows. They do jelly bunnies too which I got him last year but he wasn't too keen on those. For Elsie's box I've got her a white chocolate Thornton's egg so she can have her first taste of chocolate! I was going to get her a Milkybar egg but got the Thorntons one to match Ollie (can you see the matching addiction? 😂🙈). I've also got her some carrot rice cakes and some chocolate biscotti too (perfect for babies to have in their boxes).

8. Jellycat Bashful Bunny

I'm addicted to buying Jellycat bunnies! Elsie already has four but another one can't harm can it.... sorry Aled but she definitely needs just one more 🙊 I think I'm going to get her a pastel pink bunny for Easter to finish her collection. Ollie still takes his bun bun to bed now at almost three and a half (even though it's head is hanging on by a thread and he won't let me fix it).

I hope this has given you some ideas for what to put in a little Easter box for your little one(s). I always find that the supermarkets and Home Bargains/B&M have the best little Easter accessories to decorate the boxes and little gifts to put inside too. Things like rabbit ears, paint your own egg craft kits and egg hunt supplies. Have fun if you are going to put a box together and hopefully I can show you Oliver and Elsie's by the weekend :)


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