Friday, 7 April 2017

Twenty facts about me

I was tagged on Instagram by the lovely Yasmin (@mum_life_with_poppy) to share twenty facts about myself. I'm not one for keeping it short and sweet so they'd never have fitted into an IG post 😂 I hope you find some of them interesting.... or maybe you'll just think I'm a bit of an odd bod. Either way, here's my twenty facts....

1. I'm 5' 10" and used to be 6' 0". God knows how or why I shrunk two inches but I wish I'd shrink some more! I hate being the 'tall one' in the group, the one who gets asked to pick things from high shelves in the supermarket and not wearing heels as Aled is 5' 8".

2. I'm fluent in Welsh. I did all my GCSEs and A Levels in Welsh but haven't really spoke it much since leaving school. Will need to scrub up on my Welsh speaking now though as Ollie is learning it in playgroup and can already say a few things and count to ten in Welsh.

3. I have misophonia. It's a disorder I've had since I was little and it drives me insane. You can read more about it here if you fancied knowing more. My trigger sounds are mainly people eating crunchy foods or really juicy foods. Luckily Aled is very understanding about it (even when I'm glaring at him over the dinner table!) but some people choose to take the piss instead which just makes it worse.

4. I'm petrified of birds. Seagulls and chickens in particular. They literally scare the shit out of me. It's the beaks and the flapping (even just writing about it gives me the creeps). Plus the seagulls are badass round here and will take your hand off for a bit of food so I barely ever eat outside. And I will always cross a road just to avoid walking past one.

5. I've been with Aled for almost 10 years now. We actually went to high school together but we were just friends then. I never thought back then, when we sat together in art A Level art classes talking about random crap, that we would end up dating (never mind have two kids and a house together!). I wouldn't change it for the world though. Hate calling him my boyfriend though, I always say partner 😂

6. Music makes me happy. I could be in the worst mood but putting on some good music (that I actually like, not the crap Radio 2 play. One guess what radio channel we have on in work 🙄) will make me feel so much better.

7. I was adamant that I never wanted to go to university. There was so much pressure in sixth form to apply for uni and I just felt like I was being forced into making a decision. So three years after finishing my A Levels I went for it. I studied Graphic Design in Chester and graduated in 2012 with a 2:1.

8. I design wedding stationery in my spare time, mainly for friends (and friends of friends) as I don't advertise it. I love it though and keep getting told I should advertise it more. Maybe one day!

9. I pull my hair out. It's a terrible habit and Aled is sick to death of me doing it as we're constantly having to hoover them up. I'm lucky that I've got a very thick head of hair so you can't tell but I honestly can't see myself stopping it, been doing it for 12 years now!

10. I have weird little toes. They tuck underneath the ones next to them 🙈 Aled is absolutely grossed out by them and unfortunately for him both Oliver and Elsie have got them too! He's in denial about that though haha.

11. I love cooking... and eating! I can't imagine not enjoying food. There were a couple of people in uni who said they could happily take tablet each day instead of eating actual food... WTF. That's not me, I'm always thinking of the next meal 😂 Whenever me and Aled arrange a day out or a trip away, the first thing we think about is where to go for food #chubbasforlife

12. I drive a Nissan Juke, which is my seventh car. I'm a MINI girl through and through and I'm hoping to get a Countryman by the end of the year. The Juke is lovely to drive but its not the easiest car for getting the kids in and out of. My seven cars have been a VW Golf, Mini, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Astra (3 Door), Vauxhall Astra (5 Door) which is now Aled's car, Mini and then the Juke!

13. I'm an only child. I come from a big family though. My Dad (from London) is one of four boys and my Mum (from Manchester) is one of three girls. I've got 16 cousins: some I see, some I don't (families are a tricky one!), some live in America, one is an absolute genius and is doing a PHD in Cambridge, one won a silver medal at the Olympics last year and there's quadruplets too!

14. I'm an IT Manager at a Builders Merchants. I've worked there on and off since I was 16 (working around school and uni) but full time since finishing university in 2012. I love working with guys (there are a couple of us girls but it's mainly guys) as opposed to an office full of girls, I don't think I could handle the bitchiness. If guys have got an issue, they'll just tell you how it is! And the banter is hilarious.

15. My middle name is Juliet, named after one of my Dad's aunties who sadly died before I was born and he got on really well with. I like having a family name in your name somewhere. Elsie is named after my Great Gran who passed away 3 days after Ollie was born and Oliver's middle name is Sion, the same as Aled's middle name.

16. When I was younger I had two pet rats (Bryn and Kian) and then six ferrets (Max, Spike, Rocky, Bruiser, Jimmy and Joe). Odd choices for pets but I absolutely loved them! We used to take the ferrets out for a walk, people were always stopping us to meet them.

17. I'm an Arsenal fan. My Dad supports them and I really got into watching football with him when I was about 16. My first game was a charity shield game against Chelsea in Cardiff (which we lost) but I totally got the bug for going to games. I went to about 10 games a season (mostly away, some home) every year after that until I started uni and couldn't really afford it any more. I don't really follow it as much now so the kids are being brainwashed into supporting Everton by their Daddy and Taid instead!

18. Most people call me Em, my friend Leanne calls me Emsypie too. Only my Mum, Dad and Aled call me Emma really. Aled occasionally says Em and it always catches me by surprise!

19. I love Harry Potter (books and films). They're pretty much the only books I've read and I'll often put the films on if Aled's on nights. I've been to the studio tour just after it first opened but would love to go again now that it's got the Hogwarts Express and Forbidden Forest. We just missed out on going to the Harry Potter World in Universal Studios too, it opened a week after we went to Florida in 2010 😭

20. I'm terrible at getting up in the morning. Even though we luckily have two good sleepers for children, I wake up knackered and despise getting up. I hit the snooze button way too many times. When I'm working I often wake up panicked at about half 6 thinking I've over slept because I know how bad I am.

So, that's me! Hope you enjoyed reading my facts and it didn't bore you to death (sorry if it did!). Also, I don't know why I put a cactus in the picture for this post, but it's kind of cute right? 🌵


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