Sunday, 30 April 2017

Me and Mine // April 2017

These family photos are going to take a lot more planning from now on! I'm back in work on Tuesday and with Aled working shifts, it's going to be too easy to forget about our Me and Mine photos. We took this months photos on a rainy trip up to Aber Falls on Thursday. I wasn't actually going to use these as our Me and Mine photos but our plans to take some pictures today have been completely ruined by our my hangover. A night in watching the boxing and having pizza and a couple of drinks with friends turned out to be a bit of a late one and I definitely can't hack it any more. But we had a great night so it's all worth it... I think!

Friday, 28 April 2017

Elsie's Weaning Journey 6-8 Months

I thought I'd do an update on Elsie's weaning journey now that she's 8 months old and eating a whole new range of foods compared to her previous update. I'm absolutely loving weaning Elsie! She loves everything, which obviously makes weaning a lot easier in the first place but it's not just that, she actually has an interest in food and is always excited at meal times. Looking back at weaning Ollie (you can't help but compare them to their sibling), he had no real interest in food. He was never that bothered about finger food and soon became picky with spoon fed meals and just got progressively worse since then. I didn't do much differently with him though, but I can be far more creative with Elsie because she'll try anything instead of examine it to death first like Ollie would/still does. I swear he looks at me like I'm trying to poison him if I put homemade spaghetti bolognese in front of him. No lie.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Must Haves // Newborn Baby

I've done a couple of these style blog posts before now (a pregnancy one and a hospital bag one) but I'll just say again that I'm in no way saying you must have these products, but they were must haves for me personally. So here's my top 11 newborn baby buys...

Monday, 24 April 2017

Ella's Kitchen Baby Brekkie

Ella's Kitchen sent us some more goodies to try out a couple of weeks ago. This time, they sent a bag of the Carrot and Parsnip Melty Puffs and a bunch of the new Baby Brekkie range (not sure how new they are, but they weren't around when Ollie was weaning). As always, they were packaged up in a fun box with shredded paper (which the kids always love playing with afterwards.... not so fun for Mummy to tidy up though 😂). The products themselves are always so colourful and exciting too, we couldn't wait to try them out!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Elsie's 8 Month Update

So our Elsie Pie is now 8 months old and boy has she learnt some tricks this month! I'm not sure what she weighs or measures at the moment, I really should pop down to the clinic to get her weighed soon, but we are well and truly into 9-12 clothing. The odd 9-12 outfit is a little bit tight to be honest but there's plenty of growing room in most of them. I have my eye on a few new pieces of clothing from Zara for her at the moment, their summer range is just beautiful.

Siblings Project // April 2017

The bond between these two is getting stronger and stronger every month. This last month has seen their bond really grow as they've interacted more than ever. Plus now that Elsie's crawling, she really can join in the fun (even when Oliver's not keen on her doing so!). Oliver is really embracing the big brother role this last month, when Elsie's crying he goes up to her and says 'It's ok Elsie, don't cry Elsie' and wipes her tears away. It's the cutest thing ever, along with when he tells me he loves her. He also likes to 'read' books to her, in his own little way. Don't get me wrong, sometimes he's all about taking books off him but it's lovely when he wants to show her a book. Her little face lights up when he talks to her, or goes to give her a kiss. Plus he's started copying all the little sounds that she makes (especially when they're in the bath) which Elsie finds hilarious. Sibling love for sure!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Hoppy Easter Every Bunny!

Happy Easter! I've absolutely loved Easter this year. I don't know whether it's the fact that Aled's been off work or that Oliver's understood whats going on or that I've had a beautiful baby girl to dress up as a bunny 🐰💗 I got Elsie's new tutu from Freddie Loves. It's a Bob and Blossom one and I've wanted to buy one for a while. My plan was to give it to Elsie for her birthday so she could wear it for her party but it's far too gorgeous to store away until then! It's totally worth the money, the quality is amazing with plenty of layers and a lovely satin bow at the front. They do a few different colours, this is the Vintage Pink but I like the grey and mint options too. I'll definitely be buying more of them when she's older.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Oliver and Elsie's Easter Boxes

So here are Oliver and Elsie's finished Easter boxes! I'm not giving them to them until tomorrow morning but they're all ready. Huge thank you to my Dad for making the boxes (we've now got white ones for Easter, red ones for Christmas and some plain ones for Halloween which I'll be painting orange later this year). I've done an Easter box for Ollie every year now and I love that it's becoming a little tradition. They don't cost much to do, Oliver's comes to about £10 and Elsie's came to about £20 (hers cost more as I already had Oliver's yellow bunny from a couple of years ago).

Friday, 7 April 2017

Twenty facts about me

I was tagged on Instagram by the lovely Yasmin (@mum_life_with_poppy) to share twenty facts about myself. I'm not one for keeping it short and sweet so they'd never have fitted into an IG post 😂 I hope you find some of them interesting.... or maybe you'll just think I'm a bit of an odd bod. Either way, here's my twenty facts....

Monday, 3 April 2017

Easter Box Ideas

I love doing a little Easter Box for Oliver (and now Elsie too!). I do them a box at Easter, Halloween and Christmas as a little gift and I hope it's a tradition that stays with our family. It doesn't have to cost a lot and is nicer than just giving mounds and mounds of chocolate. Plus, Oliver hates chocolate (I know, what a weirdo 😂) so it's always been pointless buying him tonnes of eggs. I thought I'd share a few ideas of how to put an Easter box together and some gifts to put inside...

Mothers Day 2017

I know Mother's Day was a week ago now but we took some lovely photos that day and it seems a shame not to share them! We were going to have lunch round at my Mum's for Mother's Day but changed our minds last minute and managed to book a table at our local pub, the Station Hotel, for the afternoon. It's not our first choice but we didn't have many options with only two days to go. The meal was lovely (not instagrammable though, they aren't the best at presenting food!), I had pate to start and steak as main. We popped to a different pub, the Mulberry, in the morning though for Ollie to have a look at the boats and play in the park area. Mum and Dad actually had breakfast their too, which looked amazing. I ordered Ollie some toast, which he said he wanted but then threw a wobbler when I put butter on it. How stupid of me, it's not like he'd already had a slice of toast that morning with butter on. Toddlers.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Me and Mine // March 2017

What a month. I know this month's Me and Mine photos are a bit late but I've been playing catch up for the last 10 days. The news that Mum's got breast cancer hit me like a brick wall. I was a mess the first few days, not physically but mentally. My mum has been so optimistic and brave since the second she got the news, she's an absolute star. However I took the news badly, more because your parents always seem invincible to you. They're never meant to get sick right?! It's the realisation that one day my Mum or Dad will/might get ill that I couldn't deal with. Luckily I have a bloody amazing guy by my side and the best friends to talk it out (and ugly cry it out, sorry about that Aled!) and get me back on track. So I've been feeling much better since last Saturday but the last 10 days have been a bit of a blur to be honest.
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