Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Siblings Project // March 2017

We took this months photos at our local RSPB Nature Reserve in Conwy. They've got a play area with sand thats free to visit and I completely forget about it. It's only a two minute drive from the house so I'm going to try and get down there more often. It was especially nice to go there now that the weather is brightening up a bit and spring seems to have arrived. We didn't even have to wear coats it was that nice! Elsie ate her fair share of sand (she found it absolutely fascinating, which is why I couldn't get her to look at the camera!) and Oliver tipped a spade full of sand all over me and Elsie when I wasn't looking which went everywhere 😂🙈

I am so in love with watching the relationship between these two develop. Oliver has to be the one who opens her bedroom door in the morning or after nap time and she always saves her biggest smiles for him, especially when they're in the bath together. Elsie has always been a grabber and she's after all of Oliver's toys at the moment. He's getting away with just moving a foot or two further away from her but she's so close to crawling that his days are numbered! She's already a tough little cookie too, she has to be with a boisterous big brother around. She does get knocked over a couple of times every day (nothing too bad obviously) when he's rolling around like a loon but she just rolls over and carries on playing bless her.

Oliver has been a bit more testing than usual this past couple of weeks, but he's also been ridiculously cute too, total Jekyll and Hyde thing going on. One minute he's screaming 'no' at the top of his voice because he doesn't want to put his shoes on and the next he's randomly saying 'thank you for my tea Mummy, it's very tasty' alway through eating. It's times like the latter that completely make up for all the challenging bits in-between. If anything, he plays up more for Aled. I don't know if it's because he knows I'm the stricter one so he thinks he can get away with more with Al or that he's got so used to me doing everything for him while I've been off. Anyway, I guess we just have to roll with these threenager mood swings for now!


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