Monday, 20 March 2017

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We all know the standard Mother's Day gifts (flowers, chocolate and maybe a bottle of wine) which, don't get me wrong I'll be more than happy with on Sunday! But if you were after something more for your Mum (or Grandma) then I've put together a few of my favourite Mother's Day picks....

1. Necklace

I'm not really one for wearing a necklace, or much jewellery at all really. I do have a Pandora bracelet and ring that I wear everyday but other than that I simply forget to put earrings or a necklace on! I saw this personalised pearl necklace on Not on the High Street though and I think it's beautiful. I love the fact that you can choose the words to be engraved and can add extra pearls for however many children you have. It's available in silver or rose gold.

2. Bath Bombs

I don't know about anyone else but a bath is a proper treat these days. Most of the time I can never be bothered so I opt for a shower for convenience but nothing beats a hot bubble bath, I could stay in it for ages! Lush bath bombs are my favourite to use in the bath and they've got a great little range of gifts for Mothers Day this Sunday including the 'Mum' and rose bath bombs.

3. Print

I've got a few House of Jack prints in our house. The quality is really good, they don't cost a ridiculous amount and theres so many different prints to choose from. There's a range of prints suitable for Mother's Day but this flowers print is my favourite. A lot of the prints can be personalised too.

4. Photo Frame

Gotta love a photo frame! These polaroid style photo frames from Not on the High Street are really unique though, as you can choose the wording you'd like to make it personal to you. They come in Copper, Stainless Steel or Brass and there's a choice of two different sizes. Plus they're perfect for an Instagram photo with them being square!

5. DAB Radio

I'd love a DAB radio. We seem to have the TV on 24/7 these days which I hate. I'd much rather have some music on in the background but Aled is a total telly bug (you know you are Al!). My favourite one I've come across is this Emma Bridgewater DAB radio. It actually comes in a few different patterns but I quite like the rose one. FYI, they have got this on offer in Sainsbury's for £70 but you'd have to check your local store. However, if you do order it from Emma Bridgewater at the moment, you get a £20 Bloom & Wild gift card to use.

6. Mugs

The Emma Bridgewater mugs are my favourite to use at home. I've got one of the Mummy ones with the heart pattern, Aled's got a Daddy one with a star pattern and we've got two polka dot ones too. I gave both our Mums and both of the kids god mummy's personalised Emma Bridgewater mugs at Christmas and they all love them too. Have a look at their Mummy and Mum ones online.

7. Notebook

Not a very exciting gift (unless you love pretty stationery like me!) but notebooks are useful to have around the house. So why not get your Mum this A5 notebook from Paperchase with lovely wording on the front.

8. Wooden Board

This personalised engraved wooden board is super cute. I love the different biscuits on it! It's from the Crafty Giraffe and I've ordered a few things from them before. The quality has always been amazing. They have a wide range of products to choose from that are suitable for Mother's Day with loads of personalisation options. 

9. Wooden Spoon

This engraved wooden spoon is also from the Crafty Giraffe. Like the board, there's lots of different spoons to choose from including ones that aren't related to Mothers Day but are perfect presents in general. Aled actually got me one of the 'Accio Cake' ones for Christmas :)

10. Book

I haven't seen a bad review about Giovanna Fletcher's Happy Mum, Happy Baby book yet! Aled actually bought it for me a couple of weeks ago but I'm just finishing another book first before I start on this one. I love the look of it though and Gi seems like the most down to earth and lovely person from following her on IG and watching her vlogs. I'm all for a bit of honest parenting, no one is supermum and it's nice to feel like you're not alone on the bad days.

11. MAMA Sweater

I've been lusting after one of these MAMA sweaters for a while now. They are pretty expensive for a jumper (£50) but quite a few people on IG have got them and always say how comfy they are. They just seem all snuggly and perfect Mummy uniform!

12. Flowers

Even though flowers are a given, sometimes its nicer to have some delivered than buying them from the supermarket. I've only had flowers delivered to me once but I'll never forget it as it meant more. I haven't ordered from Bloom and Wild before but their flowers look AMAZING 😍 And to top it off they have a bouquet called 'The Elsie'! Plus there's 10% off orders at the moment with the code VCS17Q1.


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