Tuesday, 7 March 2017

How to Make a Memory Frame

I get quite a few people asking me how I made Oliver and Elsie's newborn memory frames so I thought I'd share a quick how-to guide. I originally got the idea for the frames from Pinterest when I was pregnant with Oliver, I loved the idea of having one of his first sleep suits up on the wall with other little bits of memorabilia from the hospital so I could always look back at it rather than them being stored away in a box somewhere. Plus the frames are a lovely addition to their bedrooms.

They are really easy to make! The only things you need to buy is a glue gun (unless you already have one), a 50cm RIBBA frame from Ikea and some pinkblue or neutral wrapping paper or scrapbook paper as the backing. Everything else will be things you've already got. I tend to use their 'born in 2017' (or whichever year!) sleep suits as they are unique to them and won't be used for the next little one. Then add an accessory (Oliver's frame has got his first pair of mittens and Elsie's has got her first hairband), the birth card and band from hospital, a photo of them in the sleep suit you've chosen and then some decorations from the cards or gift bags you received as gifts. I used a gingham ribbon and heart decoration from a gift bag in Oliver's and some clouds from cards and gift bags on Elsie's.
Firstly, open up the frame and glue the decorative paper to the back of the picture mount. Turn the mount over so it's facing the right way and then take time to arrange the items in a layout that works for you. Once you're happy with the layout, lift each piece up one at a time and glue them down. I used the glue gun for everything (even the sleep suit, just do the shoulders, cuffs and feet and that should be enough) as it's really strong but make sure you're quick to stick the items back down as the glue does set pretty quickly.

Once you've stuck everything down, you can put the mount back into the frame, close it all back up and hang it up! Sorry I've not been able to do any pictures of all the steps, I don't need to make one at the moment.

We also have some mini memory frames in our garage with holiday and festival memorabilia in them. These are made using the 23cm RIBBA frames from Ikea rather than the 50cm ones. Just add a 5 x 5" photo to them and then glue the memorabilia onto the mount. We've got ones for Jamaica, Florida, London, Glastonbury, Mexico, a friend's wedding, Harry Potter Tour and Ollie's first holiday to Center Parcs.

I hope you've found this useful! I'd love to see if you make any newborn memory frames or mini memory frames, tag me on Instagram (@lifewitholiverandelsie). Good luck :)


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