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Elsie's Bedroom Tour

Cot bed: Mothercare // Chair: IKEA // Cloud Cushion: Mamas and Papas
A few of you have been asking for a room tour of Elsie's nursery, so here it is! I have always dreamt of decorating a nursery for a daughter one day and I absolutely love how Elsie's room turned out. Her bedroom has a cloud theme, which developed from having the pink mountains (which were the first thing I knew I'd want in her room after 1787450187 hours spent on Pinterest). The room is painted in Dulux 'Just Walnut', just like Oliver's bedroom, and the pink mountains feature wall is painted using Leyland 'Pure Romance'.

Elsie's room is a standard rectangular shape and has her cotbed and nursing chair (can't beat an IKEA Poang) at one end with wardrobe and chest of drawers at the other. In the middle is a toy storage unit with bookshelves overhead and space to play. This was originally meant to be Oliver's nursery when I found out I was pregnant with him but we decided to keep it as a dining room/study until baby number two came along.

Elsie has Oliver's old nursery furniture which was a range called Appleby from Mothercare. Unfortunately it's been discontinued now but if I was ever to buy nursery furniture again I'd buy from Mothercare. The quality is amazing! Oliver's single bed and wardrobe that he has now are from Mamas and Papas, and although the bed is fine, the wardrobe is not the best quality at all. This set has been used non stop for over 3 years now and is still like new. Plus I think there's something quite nice about having a grey furniture set as most are white or wood effect.

Dream Big Print: House of Jack // Newborn Photoshoot: Precious Memories by Abie // Pink Cloud: The Lemon Button
As I mentioned, the mountains wall was the first thing I knew I wanted to do in the nursery. Oliver is meant to have a dark grey version in his room but I haven't got round to doing it yet. The mountain wall is done by using frog tape to create the outlines (I use frog tape because it gives a cleaner line and doesn't tend to take any of the plaster away when you peel it off) and then once you're happy with the shape of the mountains, paint away with your chosen colour! This type of feature would look good in any colour really and it's so easy to do, I'll do a how-to when I get round to doing Oliver's room.

To go with the mountains I bought a white felt cloud with pink raindrops from The Lemon Button, a print from House of Jack (if you've not come across House of Jack before, you need to have a look at their website! They have so many gorgeous prints) and one of Elsie's photos from her newborn shoot with Abie.

Sleeping Bag: Mamas and Papas // Ewan the Dream Sheep: Boots // Pink Sheet: M&S // Cot Bumper Bars: Mamas and Papas // Bunnies: Jellycat
Oliver had a traditional cot bumper when he was a baby, but since then I've heard too many stories about them causing accidents (and sometimes deaths 😢) with babies so I opted for cot bumpers this time round. I bought Elsie's cot bumper bars from the Millie and Boris girls range in Mamas and Papas. She's also got the matching coverlet but we never use it as she's always in a sleeping bag. It took me forever to find some plain pink sheets in a cot bed size! I wanted plain pink so that they can still be used with whatever toddler duvet cover we end up using. These ones are from M&S, I can't find them on their website but hopefully they still sell them in store if you're after some too.

Just like Oliver had/has, Elsie has got a Ewan the Dream Sheep and Jellycat bunnies. I swear by Ewan the Dream Sheep. I know a lot of people buy them anyway now but I highly recommend getting one. There are four different sounds that it plays (each lasts 20 minutes) and it has a soft red light in it's belly. We've always used them on the harp music and Oliver used his until he turned 2 (he started putting it on himself in the night once he got to a certain age which was amazing!). I was keen for Elsie to love Jellycat bunnies as much as her big brother did as it's nice for them to have a comforter that's familiar to them once they start going to nursery and out and about. It turns out that Elsie is attached to hers way more than Oliver ever was/is, and he bloody loves his! The difference is, she literally will not go to sleep without hers. When we put her in bed, she will cry until the second she sees a bunny being brought to her, when she then grabs it in for a cuddle and starts sucking her thumb. It's so cute 💗

Book Shelves: IKEA // Toy Storage Unit: IKEA // White Storage Boxes: IKEA // Cloud Light: Primark // Toy Basket: TK Maxx
I've done the same book shelf display in Elsie's room as in Oliver's (although Elsie has got the narrower shelves which I prefer to be honest). She's also got the same toy storage, but a four cube instead of a 8 like Ollie. My friend Nat bought the pink cloud light for Elsie as a Christmas present. I literally squealed with excitement when I opened it. She warned me that I'd love it and my god do I love it! It goes perfectly with her nursery theme and gives the right amount of light for her bedtime feed and any night feeds too. They still had them in our local Primark a couple of weeks ago and I think they did them in grey too. The toy basket is a fabric one from TK Maxx, they do so many different toy baskets in there if you're after one.

Cloud Shelves: Made by my Dad (Andrew Wilson Carpentry if you're local) // Bunny: Debanhams // Elsie Name: Little Cloud Kids Shop // Ballerina Snow Globe: Cath Kidston // Bunny Money Box: Next
I've wanted some cloud shelves for a while so it's pretty convenient that my Dad is a carpenter and could whip these beauties up for me! They're made using MDF and then I painted them with a MDF primer and then a white satin topcoat. They've got two wooden knobs on each and then a pink Gisella Graham ceramic heart knob in the middle. They're purely for decoration, to house all the pretty things I didn't want the kids to mess with or break.

One shelf has got a pink Peter Rabbit soft toy, a wire Liberty fabric name from Little Cloud Kids Shop and her ballerina snow globe that her Godmummy got her as a Christening gift. The other has got some of my Winnie the Pooh books from when I was a baby, a rabbit money box from Next, a collectable Peter Rabbit coin and her first pram shoes on it. I've also hung two of my favourite pieces of clothing that Elsie has now outgrown on them. I bought both of the items because they matched her room theme so it only seems right that they are used as decorations now!

Frames: Asda // Hello Little Lady Print: Greeting card from Next // Curtains: Next // Circle Garland: Heartfelt Handmade // Mrs Tiggy Winkle: Peter Rabbit Shop
Elsie hasn't got as much room for photo frames as Oliver has (he's got the big bay window) but I've squeezed as many as I can in for now. I was going to put four photos up until I saw the 'Hello Little Lady' greeting card in Next as I was going to pay the other week. I thought it was so cute and as it was square I used it as a little print in one of the frames. They have got a boy version of the card too if anyone wanted to copy the idea.

I bought the felt garland from Heartfelt Handmade a couple of years ago and wasn't too sure where to use it so it's been sat in the garage since then. But I came across it the other week and thought it would look cute hung up in the window.

Furniture: Mothercare // Frames: IKEA // Knitted Baskets: Next // Ceramic Knobs: The Secret Garden
The chest of drawers did have a changing unit top to it but we took it off when Elsie started rolling over and change her on the floor instead now. So I've got a couple of knitted baskets from Next on there with all her large and small muslins instead. You may have spotted a teepee in the corner which is Oliver's really but this is the perfect place to store it! The furniture originally came with grey wooden knobs but I replaced them with ceramic patterned ones as it adds a bit of colour and personality to them. Above her chest of drawers is a memory frame, which I did a little how-to post about the other day.

Rug: Great Little Trading Co

We debated for months when I was pregnant whether to rip the wood flooring in this room up and replace it with carpet. I'm so glad we kept the wood flooring now. In the first few months it was puked on more times than I care to share so it's been a lot easier to clean than a carpet would have been. It would be far too cold and bare without a rug though. It took me forever to find a rug that was just right (please say other people are as picky and indecisive as me?! 🙈). This one is from Great Little Trading Company and it's perfect! I do wish they did it in a bigger size but this is the biggest they offer at the moment. You will have seen it in a lot of Elsie's photos on Instagram as I used to lie her on it for photos. The quality is fantastic, definitely worth the money.

I hope you've liked having a look around Elsie's nursery :)



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