Saturday, 18 March 2017

Elsie's 7 Month Update

Well I did think this would be the month I could finally say that Elsie's cut a tooth.... but it never happened! She has had a definite lump on her bottom gum for 10 days now and you can see a bit of white sometimes but still no sign of the little bugger popping through. She's not been suffering too badly though thankfully. I did think she'd start crawling too (Oliver started crawling two days before he turned 7 months old) but she's not quite there yet. I think we're close though, she's almost mastered it and is so determined to be on the move. God help us once she is, nothing will be safe!!

It's been a lovely month watching her grow and learn, it's making me more emotional by the day at the thought of leaving her to go back to work. She's so chatty and interested in playing (which Oliver wasn't at all, proper lazy baby!) so I could spend forever just babbling away with her. The last couple of days has seen her start to really interact with Oliver though which is adorable. She'll 'talk' and he'll copy whatever sound she makes which carries on back and forth until Elsie (or both of them) start laughing.

I'm unsure of her weight and height at the moment, might pop to the clinic on Tuesday to check. However we are in the middle of transitioning to 9-12 month clothing though. I'm not surprised really, Oliver was the same (he did wear 9-12 almost up until his first birthday though as once he started moving around he lost some of the rolls!). Some 6-9 still fits perfectly fine though, anyone else get really annoyed about the complete inconsistent sizing with different shops?! Could definitely do with getting a few more bits for her 9-12 wardrobe... any excuse for a shopping trip!

Her favourite toy at the moment (other than her bunnies) is the picnic basket my Grandma got her for christmas, she loves the little bits of food. She also loves the spin and crawl ball at Aled's mums house which I think we should get for at home too. We did have one when Ollie was a baby but he was never interested in it and the batteries leaked so it went in the bin.

Weaning is going so well, I'm enjoying it so much. It's lovely to have a non-fussy eater, I just hope it continues! She had an Ella's Kitchen cauliflower cheese pouch the other day which she went mad for and the only thing she's rejected this month is another Ella's Kitchen pouch that had red peppers and tomato in it. I did a 4-6 month weaning update last week but I'll be doing an updated one in a few weeks to share how baby led weaning, thicker purees and the introduction of dairy and meat have been going. Here's to another fun month Elsie Pie 💗


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