Thursday, 23 March 2017

Ella's Kitchen Stage 2 Goodies

We were lucky enough to be sent some goodies from Ella's Kitchen last week for Elsie to try. As she's turned 7 months old now, there's a whole new range of their foods that she can try (Stage 2). In the box was four different meal pouches (fish pie, beef stew, bangers and mash and the new chilli con carne) and two packed of the melty puffs (strawberry & banana and tomato & leek). The pouches are the perfect consistency to move onto after the stage 1 purees so easy for them to adjust to. 

I've always loved the range of Ella's Kitchen baby food, Ollie had a lot of it when he was little and still has some of the smoothies now. They're 100% organic, perfect for taking on days out (and were always handy as an easy tea for Ollie after a long day at work!) and they just look fun and appealing with all the colourful packaging. If you've never bought any of the Ella's Kitchen stuff before, you can get it from most of the supermarkets/baby shops or online.

Their packaging is really fun if you do order directly from them online. The boxes all convert into cool things like fire engines and castles (obviously with a bit of help along the way!). Ours turns into a fire engine so I've put it with our craft things to have a go at one day next week. They also have shredded paper in.... which Elsie and Ollie LOVED. Seriously, I'm still finding the odd bit about the house now. I've kept it all to use in their Easter baskets but its great for a bit of sensory play too.

As I mentioned, all of the Ella's Kitchen stuff is organic, so it's nice to know that even if you're opting for a pouch instead of a home cooked meal one day, it's not going to be full of rubbish. The chilli con carne pouch is new to the range. I'm not being funny but baby food never looks, smells or tastes very appealing does it? Obviously just from checking to see if its too hot or not, I've never eaten one to myself 😂 But the chilli smelt and tasted amazing!! It was literally like a homemade version pureed up (with way less chilli obvs). Elsie really enjoyed it, my little superstar eater... completely taking after her mother with her love of food so far. I'll have her taking pictures of her lunch in no time 😜

So we've had all four of the pouches now and Elsie's favourite had to be the bangers and mash one. I can remember that Ollie liked this one too, it brings back so many memories of weaning him. I'm going to place an order online myself once I'm back in work as there's some really cool flavours in the Stage 2 range like Mexican Chicken, Jamaican Curried Pork and Zingy Lamb & Cous Cous.

As a mum of a fussy eater (Ollie, not Elsie) I have always tried to make sure he snacks on some good stuff. He's not one for chocolate, but would eat packet upon packet of crisps if I let him. So the range of Ella's Kitchen 'crisps', cookies, biscuits and smoothies have always come to the rescue. Now Elsie has reached finger foods age, she's had some of the melty puffs they do. They're really big so easy for them to grab and just melt away so no reason to be worried about any choking or gagging as they dissolve to nothing. They have a resealable sticker on each bag now too which I'm sure is new (really handy as they're never going to eat a whole bag in a day!).

So thank you to Ella's Kitchen for the goodies, Elsie's loved trying them all over the last week :)

Disclosure: We were sent these products for an honest review

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